Upgrade from Bluesound Node

I currently have a Bluesound Node used as a streamer And a Denafrips Ares II DAC. I stream music from from Amazon. 
My system is Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution and a Vitus MI100 integrated amp. 
I was thinking upgrading the front end of my system since I listen only to streaming music. 
I was considering a PS Audio PerfectWave Direct Stream Jr DAC with a Bridge II streamer. Do you think it is a worthy upgrade? I’m open to suggestions. The simpler the setup the better. I’m also thinking in getting something used, if it’s worth it. 
My room is about 13x17 ft. 

thank you


I have the Node 130 and the Ares II. I haven't done the upgrade with the new power supply yet. I'll do it next week. 

Regarding DrMuso comments. I'm 60. I'm streaming from Amazon HD and some of the music are very high resolution same as Qobuz which I used to have.

I was thinking in buying a used Denafrips Venus II. I was wondering if someone upgraded to the Venus or Pontus from the Ares. And if they found to be a worthy upgrade.

Look into the new Denafrips Arce streamer and a used Denafrips Terminator 2. This will allow you to use the clock outputs from the Terminator 2 into the Denafrips Arce streamer. The lower model Denafrips Dacs like the Venus don't have the clock out puts. You will want Roon and Qobuz with this setup and I suspect it will sound very very good. It's the upgrade path I'm looking to take.

Correct about Amazon, I have it through a bluetooth antenna on my Gustard dac and Qobuz on my Innuos streamer. BTW the new Amazon HD at 10 bucks a month is surprisingly close to Qobuz in sound and I have found certain records I could not find on Qobuz. Really enjoying the added BT option. This digital stuff keeps on winning me over.

WiiM Pro Plus. Don’t laugh until you try it. And plenty cheap to try at that! Easy resell (or regift for Xmas) if you don’t. Nice app and supports Amazon Connect (Alexaconnect?), Tidal Connect, Airplay2, etc. Fugly but easily hidden - keeps attention on amp and speakers. Like I say cost next to nothing to try. At worst, it’s a bit perfect transport with a good app. I “upgraded” from a Node on a whim. And kept it.

@chemarcelo The British Audiophile (YouTube reviewer) uses the Denafrips Venus in his own system, for what it's worth?