Upgrade from Paradigm Studio 100 v2 speakers [real cases only]

I have had them for almost 20 years now, they did not disappoint.
These v2 have great bass too, unlike v3 or v4 as I heard.
Anybody upgraded these speakers? Any opinions for before and after?
I was thinking about Tekton's Double Impacts for a possible upgrade.
Let's disregard for now the "it depends on your other equipments".
Any cases?
Thank you.

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I owned the Studio 100 V2 for about 3 years in the early 2000s. They were nice speakers for their price point and time period. Many other speakers have come and gone in that time. I have owned the Double Impacts with the $300 upgrade for a little over a month. The DIs significantly out perform the Studio 100s in every sonic parameter for my tastes. Not even close.
I have had the Paradigm Signature S4s twice and ran with a JL sub since then. I liked them enough to buy them twice. I enjoyed the Sigs much more than the Studios. Again for my tastes the DIs do everything better. YMMV
Standard they are not bi-wired although for a small fee I believe this is an option. Any specific questions you can call the number off the Tekton web site. Eric usually answers and can answer any questions you may have. 
" Let's disregard for now the "it depends on your other equipments".

System matching is the single most important factor when building a system. Its not something you can save for later.