upgrade TT or speakers??

Hello. I'm going to start to give some serious thought to upgrading part of my stereo. I have a Bryston 3bst, Odyssey Tempest extreme pre, Rega Planar 2 TT with benz micro silver TT and Vandersteen 1C speakers. I'm not sure if the TT or speakers are holding me back the most. Should I go for the speakers and get a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Signatures or upgrade the turntable. If I upgrade the TT, it would be in the range of a VPI scout or Michell Gyrodec with the RB250 arm. Any thoughts on which is holding me back more/ which should I upgrade? Thanks for your input.
I recommend upgrading the speakers. The 2 is significantly better than the 1. The Scout and Michell are much better than the Rega but I think you'll get more of an improvement with addressing the speakers first.
How large is your room? Although as Narrod says, the 2CE signature is better here's my qualifier. I had a pair of 1Cs in a small room and upgraded to the 2CE sigs a while back. Big mistake for me as the larger Vandys did not work as well as the 1Cs in the small room. The 1Cs are a true audio bargain.
My stereo is in my living room- probably 13'x20' with the speakers along the long wall. I believe that this room is large enough to handle speakers this large. As far as the goal- I want an overall cleaner and more natural sound... more of a realistic presentation. I will eventually upgrade both, but only one new gift to myself per year:).
I say upgrade your power delivery/noise control, if you have any. If none, then it's a good time to start.