Upgrades on Dynaudio Focus 20 XD versus 200 XD

I’m interested in Dynaudio’s powered Focus XD bookshelves, and see that the 20 XD replaced the 200 XD. I can’t find an assessment anywhere of the primary upgraded features, they look pretty similar spec wise. When dealing with upgraded tech, generally good idea to go with the latest, but has anyone assessed the main benefits provided with 20 XD over the 200 XD?
Old post but FWIW the focus xd 20 and xd 200 are identical in terms of electronics, drivers and sonics when the 200 has the latest firmware installed. When the xd 200 has the most recent firmware, even the Dynaudio app recognizes them as xd 20s. 

The xd20 does have slightly more modern badge styling, and it is available in the same veneers as the special 40s but the otherwise these two speakers are the same. 
@robr45 Are you sure about this? I am looking to buy either 200 XD or 20 XD (or maybe the 400XD/30XD or even 600XD/60XD). The older versions can be found on great discounts so they are best buy.
Have you checked the inside of the cabinet maybe? 
Zero doubt about it. If the 20/30/60 have the most updated firmware than they are electronically and acoustically identical to the newer models. They will report as the new models when connected to the connect box. You will likely also get a connect box in the deal too, as the new versions dropped this as an included extra. Old models are the best deal in town.

If you need further validation, you can ask dynaudio or search the users thread at avsforum. 

I do think the new cabinet colors and badging look great, especially the grey - but it is impossible to justify the cost difference.