Upgrading from b1

About a year ago  I was given an old bluetooth receiver about 7 years old, then I upgrade to the audioengine b1 (3 months ago) and  the difference was quite noticeable when streaming tidal.  So, well I hear a noticeable difference if I upgrade to a wifi streamer, node 2i, cambridge etc?   My system ml 60xt speakers, outlaw mono amps on older outlaw 975 processor.  I'm reasonably happy with the current sound.
I'll answer my own question. The answer is yes, I do hear a noticeable difference between my new/used node 2i and my old b1. Everything is noticeably better not day and night but still noticeably better, soundstage seems wider and more detailed. I didn't think I would but not sure why I waited this long. Next is replacing my amp. 
I don’t have much to add but that never stopped me before.  You have discovered both that bt has come a long way in the past few years, but also that even at its current best BT remains inferior to conventional, non lossy playback.  One of my pet peeves here is when someone complains that digital sounds poor compared with analog, and then it turns out that the digital for them is bt