Upgrading to a Hegel H590

My current system for the past few years has been great so far..

Macbook USB to a $150 Audio Engine D1 DAC going directly to a $600 used Parasound A23 going to used $600 Kef LS50’s, $100 Transparent speaker cables and cheap USB and RCA cables.

That’s good enough to hear the difference between 44k and hi-res and also good enough to hear the difference between MQA and hi-res.

I’ve been lusting after a better experience after checking out the Parasound Hint 6 as a replacement for the above. (it was significantly better). Well, after a couple of months of manic youtubing and reading reviews etc. I slowly kept finding something better than the last thing I saw. So I splurged and got what I think will keep me satisfied for years to come and not continually hunting for something better. Famous last words I guess.

Just got a new H590. Haven’t opened it yet. But can’t wait to start experimenting and comparing with my old stuff. I also have Kef R500s and better cables.

I suspect the next thing will be looking for is better speakers; both floor standers and desktops

I’ll try to post observations here later
Alan Shaw, owner and design guru for Harbeth Speakers, says the H590 is his amp of choice for listening to his speakers.  
It's because of his recommendation that I really want to hear this amp with my Harbeths.  
At any rate, you should look into the alleged magic produced with these two brands.  You might be amazed.  
A friend has the Hegel H590 on Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers. An absolutely awesome combo. 
duely noted. The Hegel is supposedly great with pretty much any speakers, based on all the reviews. I've always liked Harbeths from afar...
You can’t go wrong with that combination. I got to audition 7 different integrated amps at Suncoast Audio along with a set of Harbeth Super HL 5+ Anniversary model speakers (I have a pair at home). They ALL sounded superb. Outstanding speakers, BTW.

Just let your ears pick your amp. There isn’t any "best" amp in that price range. There is only what your ears prefer. The H590 was one of the amps I auditioned. It was VERY impressive. I could have been totally satisfied with it or any of the amps I tried.

Just for the record, I also auditioned a Luxman 509x, VAC 170i, Simaudio 700i v2, Naim Supernait 3, Gryphon D300, and Pass Labs INT 60. My ears especially loved the Pass Labs INT 60. Based on the INT 60 I ended up purchasing the Pass Labs INT 250. I wanted plenty of power for the transient peaks. But there was just something about those two Pass Labs amps.

I’d like to be there when you audition that H590. It’s guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face.
thanks! now I'm screwed.. gotta start looking at Harbeths... haven't heard them yet. I really like the revealing, clarity of my KEFs. My main concern is reviews of Harbeth talk about "warmth" and possibly less revealing. I don't know the right words for it. I'll need to audition them
I absolutely love my Harbeth Super HL 5+ 40th Anniversary speakers and can highly recommend them, without hesitation. They go extremely well with my Pass Labs INT 250 integrated. However, don't be too quick to ditch the KEFs. If you can do a side-by-side with your KEFs and the Harbeths that would be great. The KEFs might fit your ears just fine. I can't imagine them not sounding exemplary with a Hegel H390 or H590. I gotta admit though my Harbeths do sound sublime with the Pass Labs INT 250. It all just goes back to your ears and what they like.
Yes... Harbeths are special when driven by the H590, or the H390, H360, H300.  They need the power these amps produce to control their drivers, and add clarity and resolution to the sound.  Their high damping factor really clears up the bass and mids.  

I would not have kept my M30.1's and M40.2's had I not found the H590, which totally changed their sound from muffled and too warm... to... very balanced sound with amazing clarity and detail resolution, as well as superb bass and soundstage.  

I doubt any tube amp can drive them as well.  I've tried the ARC 150SE, and it does not.  I doubt any others can either.
They also sound great with the McIntosh MA252 and MA352.  But these are not tube amps.  They are tube / SS hybrid amps with sufficient power to control the drivers of the Harbeths to add the clarity and resolution they cann present... IF... they're driven by the right amp.
I recently bought the H590 to match with my Harbeth 40.2 Anniversary speakers and am extremely happy with this combo.  I've heard several amps with these speakers and this is the most satisfying combo to my ears.  There are many other great amps out there and it's true that the best one is the one that sounds best to YOU, but there is no substitute for amperage when it comes to finding the best sound.  The H590 has power in abundance.  
I am debating between buying a magic a3 vs Yamaha NS 5000. wondering what amplifier will go with each. 
Was considering Devialet expert pro 220, Hegel 390 and Hegel 590 and also Macintosh ma352 with a separate dac&streamer. 
Re thinking if Hegel h590 will be tooooo much power for either one of these speakers which are rated as:-Yamaha NS 5000 - 200 watts at 6 ohms-Magico A3 I think 300 watts at 4 ohms

Re thinking also if the devialet expert pro (220 watts at 6 ohms) is enough for either of these speakers. 
Really confused bcos trying out the different mix and listening to how each sound is not possible due to corona lockdown.
If anyone has any ideas  wud be great.🙏🙏🙏
@puzzledconfused When I went speaker shopping 2 years ago, before COIVD, I demoed a few speakers in your range.

- my first listen was the Magico A3 when it cost under 1$0K. I liked it for the most part but I did hear the drivers a bit. I believe it was in the woofer and mid-range region.

- I then went to listen the Paradigm Persona line 3F and 5F.  I thought the top end was better on this and liked it more than the A3. Though the speaker needed warm electronics and I did not like warm gear too much (at that time). I was considering the Luxman 509x at that time but did not like it as much as other integrated that I heard later.

- I then went and heard the Vivid Kaya 90. I thought it was great but maybe too close to the KEF sound. I was planning on getting a KEF model too for another room (those plans not likely now). I liked the Kaya better than the others listed.

- Then I went and demoed the Yamaha NS5000. Unfortunately, the demo was in a bad room but I could tell the drivers on the NS5000 were better than all the others. They also had a seamless integrated sound. That is I did not hear a specific driver. The NS500 also sounded very natural and realistic to sounds I have heard live. So the Yamaha NS500 is the speaker I expect to get. 

For amplification I was considering the Hegel 390 or 590. I have heard all the models before these 2 models with KEF Blades so I have  an understanding of the Hegel sound. I think it would be very good with the NS5000.

I ended up buying a Thiel CS3.7 for my office and started buying gear with the plan on using some of this gear on the NS5000.

- the following I have or now sold would work great with the NS5000

- KRELL K-300i integrated (super smooth and amazing bass)
- CODA CSiB (great in every way but not as smooth sounding as the KRELL)
*- Benchmark HPA4 | Gustard X26 Pro DAC | Benchmark AHB2 x 2
*- CODA 07x and CODA #8

* today, I have these with the Thiel CS3.7 and 1 of these will eventually go downstairs with the NS5000. The Benchmark stack is about the price of the Hegel 590 while the CODA stack is a little more. In all cases, I plan on using the $1500 Gustard X26 Pro DAC, which I find astounding for the price.

I demoed the NS5000 with the $10K each Yamaha preamp and amp. It was pretty good though I though the $15K each Luxman preamp and amp were better (on TAD ME1 speakers).
My main concern is reviews of Harbeth talk about "warmth" and possibly less revealing.

I think some of these impressions were formed maybe 10 years ago or earlier. The new'ish Harbeth models strike an excellent balance between warmth and details/revealing. I have a SHL5+ and I can assure you it's the most balanced speaker I've ever owned. The super tweeter will give you as much detail as you like but without ever getting bright or fatiguing. If you ask me, choosing Harbeth to go with your Hegel amp is a no-brainer. You will, however, have to invest in quality stands ... they make a huge difference for Harbeths.