Use of Switch to Improve Streaming Quality

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This question pertains to the advantages, if any, of using an ethernet switch between router (Eero device actually) and the streamer. The streaming service is Qobuz. I have gone over many threads on streaming and am now convinced a dedicated streaming device is the way to go to enjoy the best result in the audio experience (interface and sound quality). Therefore that will be next as the major addition to the sound system. The Devialet Expert Pro provides a terrific ‘all-in-one’ solution that is very competent and rewarding for listening to music and not without a few occasional glitches. It is most likely not on the level of a dedicated streamer, hence the decision to move forward on this type of solution when finances permit.

The particular question is regarding the use of a switch in the ethernet chain. My understanding is that this is effective as it galvanically isolates the components providing an additional layer of noise reduction? I have an older Cisco Systems Linksys 10/100 5-Port Workgroup Switch model EZXS55W left over from my old home network of years ago. Could this be used effectively? I believe that technology has progressed to Gigabit Ethernet (1000baseT). Will the Cisco switch I have now limit throughput of high-res data? The assumption is that a standard (but good quality Cat6 cable acquired from Fry’s Electronics will run from the Eero (which is connected to the NetGear router via WiFi to the Cisco switch, then a high quality ethernet cable (Audioquest Pearl) will run to the streamer. The streamer then connects to the outboard DAC via the marvelous Black Cat Silver Star 75, so kindly gifted to me by Don (Audiogon user CFarrow). RIP Chris Sommavigo - I am still very sad about his passing. Such a loss to the audio community.. Then DAC to preamp and amp. I further understand Uptone Audio is working on a next-gen Ethergen product which is very interesting.

Any input is welcome. And my thanks 🙏 


If you did a comparison between the two, and they were both behind the curtain, you couldn’t tell the difference

Thanks for your viewpoint @raysmtb1 and appreciated. So that would be one negative on the insertion of a switch.

If you wish to really clean up your streaming I would suggest you get yourself the ENO Ethernet filter , I am sure you would notice a huge difference in your signal.

I have one modded network switch from modem to router, 10m of Cat5 Ethernet cable (which I can’t change), another modded network switch with two LAN isolators to my streamer.

All pieces on decent linear power supplies.

Meicord Opal Ethernet cable on the modem side (and one Supra Cat8), and Triode Wire Labs Freedom Ethernet cables on the streamer end.

Sounds darn good for the price.

Thanks Jim. The Eno filter looks very intriguing. In searching on reviews and further details on the Eno, i became aware of the English Electric 8 switch by Chord. These two products seem to be effective in some measure to improving sonic performance.


Jerry, how is the switch modded? Did you perform those mods yourself. Will research the Meicord and Triode ethernet cables. Thanks

Meicord are no longer made.

Was well thought of a few years ago.

Pete at Triode Wire Labs is a decent guy, and offers 30 days returns policy on standard lengths.

I was thinking of a UK Ethernet cable (I’ll remember the brand shortly), but it was quite stiff, and I needed a little more flexibility.

The switches were updated with a Fidelity Audio clock in the UK and Audiophool mods in the Netherlands.

I was looking for items around the $400-$600 mark, switch included.

many different ways to do this, and plenty of opinions to sift through.

After much research, it was between the Sablon 2020 and TWL Freedom Ethernet cables.

Jerry, the TWL looks very interesting. Some great write-ups. I glanced quickly at Sablon site. Not cheap, but i understand they custom build to order.