Used Speaker Recommendations Under $5k...

Greetings All-

I'm in the midst of reconfiguring my system and I'm interested in your recommendations for used floor standers in the less than $5k range to mate with a Plinius MkII integrated amp. The system will be set-up in a medium sized family room (18' x 20'). I like the Dynaudio house sound but I don't have any experience with a Plinius/Dynaudio combination. So Agoners, what do you think? Which brands and models would you recommend?

Either Coincident Total Eclipses or Legacy Focus 20/20. Both are considerably less than $5k and have big dynamic sound.
Agree with the Coincident Total Eclipse. Easy to drive and sounds great. Partial eclipse is great as well.
Dynaudio and Plinius match does Pass labs IMO which is what im running with my Dyns..Look at the 5.4 (better tweeters than 3.4)
Thanks Jeffga, Jb8312, & Roxy54. I found a local dealer who carries DeVore and I'll be checking out the Nines next week. Also, I thought the Coincident Total Eclipses were designed for tube amps... Either way, I remember reading several positive reviews a few years back. Any other recommendations out there?
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I once owned the Plinius 8200 MKII, which mated nicely with Dynaudio 1.3SE's. Being a long time fan of Dynaudio, and given your mention of finding the Dynaudio house sound appealing, I would agree with Missioncoonery on choosing the S5.4 (or the S3.4).

The other suggestions of DeVore & Coincident are also very fine choices, and give you added flexibility down the road if you'd want to switch to a medium powered tube amp.