Used Speaker Recommendations Under $5k...

Greetings All-

I'm in the midst of reconfiguring my system and I'm interested in your recommendations for used floor standers in the less than $5k range to mate with a Plinius MkII integrated amp. The system will be set-up in a medium sized family room (18' x 20'). I like the Dynaudio house sound but I don't have any experience with a Plinius/Dynaudio combination. So Agoners, what do you think? Which brands and models would you recommend?

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I once owned the Plinius 8200 MKII, which mated nicely with Dynaudio 1.3SE's. Being a long time fan of Dynaudio, and given your mention of finding the Dynaudio house sound appealing, I would agree with Missioncoonery on choosing the S5.4 (or the S3.4).

The other suggestions of DeVore & Coincident are also very fine choices, and give you added flexibility down the road if you'd want to switch to a medium powered tube amp.