Using the Magnepan 1.7i with two REL S/812 Subs

Currently, I’m listening to my 2 channel system via a pair of Legacy Focus SE’s, also using a pair of REL S/812’s.  The system sounds great, but I’m thinking of replacing my Legacy’s with a pair of Maggy 1.7i’s.

The reason I’m thinking of going to the 1.7i’s is threefold.  One, my room is 14.5’ by 19’ and I feel that the Legacy’s are just too big for the room.  Two, I love dipoles.  Three, I just have the itch.

I have a pair of Clayton Audio class A, M100 mono blocks, which I believe will be perfect if I go to the Maggys. 

Additionally, I plan on using an external Xover rather than driving the Maggys full range.  This concerns me a bit, as I’ll need another set of interconnects, what Xover to purchase, etc.

So, has anyone any experience using the Maggys, with an external Xover, and a pair of subs?  Any thoughts, suggestions?  Difficulties I may run in to?

in advance, thanks for any guidance you may have.  Happy Listening!


I used to have some 3.5R's.  They sounded wonderful and ran with a sub.  The preamp came with the sub out, so no external xover.  I loved the sound.  If you listen to Rubber Soul and some of the other Beatles recordings, you can hear people talking in the background.  I found that you hear everything that was put down on the recording, everything.  I sold and went a different way.  I miss that sound and completely understand where you are coming from.  The only downside to the Maggie's is that I find them fatiguing.  My wee little brain is trying to process everything and has a hard time keeping up.  I have sold or given away other speakers in the past and I find that I miss whatever their signature sound is/was.  So I have become a speaker accumulator (my wife says I'm hoarding).  I would say, do what you're doing, but keep the Legacy, you will find you really miss their sound. 

My local dealer ran Magnepan 3.7i and 1.7i with a pair of Vandersteen subs, sounded incredible...

Which Gallo secretguy? I had the metal tube ones, but now use their big wood one in home theater...

I am running Legacy Aeris next to Magnepan LRS Plus in a bit of a shootout. The LRS with a SVS SB16 sub. The Maggies actually aren't getting crushed in this comparison. I am using a Michi X5 integrated with the LRS. Legacy Wavelet and Legacy IV 2 stereo amp with the Aeris. I could esily live with either in a pinch. It makes me wonder about the 1.7i or 3.7i.