Vandersteen 1C set up

I'm about to set up a pair of Vandersteen 1C's. Unfortunately, I do not have the manual. Does anyone have any recomendations they would like to share regarding sidewall distances, and the correct degree of tilt using the stands?
You really need that manual. Call Vandersteen and have them send you one, it's about $5. Vandersteen's are set up for tilt back using your ear height in the listening position and your distance from the speaker. It is very important this be correct. You've got to have the chart in the manual to get this correct.
As far placement, Vandersteen recommends the speakers be placed on odd divisions of the room length and width. For example, take the width of the room and divide by 3, 5 or 7, etc. Use the results to place the speakers on those spots. Do the same for the length. You place the speakers on the intersections and then fine tune by moving an inch or so in all directions. You need to keep them about 4 feet off the back wall and probably 3 feet or so from the sides if possible. Generally speaking, the farther from the back wall the better the soundstage and imaging. Bass is better closer to the wall, however. It's a compromise. NEVER have the speakers the same distance from the sides as they are from the back---bad carma! You can also use the thirds rule with the basic triangle where the speaker distance from each other is equal to the listening position distance from the speakers. Tow them in so they cross about 5 feet behind your chair. Usually, placing the speakers about 7 feet apart is adequate. You have to play with this a little. The acoustic center of the speaker is a point equal to half the speaker width and half the speaker depth. Where these two points cross is the acoustical center. Use this point for your measurements and placement. Have fun but get that manual!
I have been eyeing the 1C for my 14X14 room. What is the "minimum" useable distance from the back wall without totally loading up the room? I could get away with about 18" no more; Your advice is appreciated. BTW, I LOVE the sound of these and 2Ce...!!
you really need more than 18"...maybe you could pull them out for listening sessions and put them back when done...I have had the 1b's and my dad has the 2cesigs...just my 2c

p.s. Bigtee is pretty much on with his measurements so no need to repeat him...follow his advice and you'll be happy...if you feel that there is not enough bass when pulled out, big deal...there are lots of inexpensive subs that are pretty decent and you still get the incredible sound stage benefit of having the peakers pulled out.
You are, of course, advised to set up these speakers according to the manual. I have a pair of 1c's, but don't have the right room dimensions to make them work according to the manual. Nevertheless, While my setup isn't by the book, the sound is wonderful. I can only imagine if my room space allowed for a better position. Enjoy these - hard to imagine a better speaker for the money.