Vera-Fi Audio Vera-Link Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Streaming Amplifiers

Anyone heard or use them yet in your system? $199 entry cost and incredible performance according to a reviewer makes them a no brainer for 2nd system or if you want a no frill audio system.

They are on my wish list to try!

“it’s hard to find fault with a pair of amplifiers that are so well-designed, cost so little, and do so very much so very well. And will drive a diverse array of highly-pedigreed and sometimes finicky loudspeakers to reference levels with sound that’s both detailed and musically engaging”.


Yes, I installed a pair on my sons Klipsch RP-8000F floor standers. Pretty amazing for the price. These certainly can rock (EDM in his case).

A breakthrough product for young folks on an extreme budget.

I’ve got a pair h

ooked up to some LS50’s, and thE sound is pretty good though it is still Bluetooth, so not “incredible”.  For the price, and use case, they are a real bargain. 

Thank you for chiming in…I was bit concerned about Bluetooth. Thought exclusion of WiFi is a huge oversight. My experience is limited to AirPods and SONOS Roam, both works extremely well with my iPhone.