verification by cellphone

apparently audiogon now requires that purchases be verified with a cellphone.  this makes it impossible for those of us who do not own one of these devices (from hell) to purchase anything.



@bakufu  I replied to your email sent to Support. 

Welcome. Soon you will not be able to wipe without one. Get with the program.

I know a guy who refuses to get one. He's younger than I am. 

Probably not gonna die first.

I have a $20 Tracfone flip/phone that costs $80/year to stay connected.

It's not smart (doesn't scan codes) but it does receive text messages.

I carry it (turned off) when out walking/driving for emergency purposes.

If a "text" is all that's required it's something to consider.

I've received texts from our bank and other institutions in order to resolve problems/confirm ID.

This said, my wife told me that we will have to get a "smart phone" eventually.