Verity Parsifal Anniversary coming in 2 weeks

Was thinking of buying the Parsifal Ovation, when the dealer I was talking to in Audio Salon, told me that this speaker is coming out in June.
He claims its a big step, new crossover and some tech from Lohengrin etc.

Anyone else heard much about this new Parsifal coming out ?
That will mean some great deals on closeout Ovations. That's when I picked up my Encore's for a song, just before the Ovations were released.
Looking at the pictures appears to have the Amadis tweeter and cabinet isolation system from Loghengrin.
If there are any dealers here offering great deals on close out Ovations, please let me know.
Not sure why Verity keeps expanding/diluting their lines, because the differences are not quite as apparent between the different models. It would have made more sense for the Amadis to replace the Parsifal Ovation all together.

Yes, I just checked out their site, and it's hard to easily figure out the progression of their models up the line. The lack of any pricing on the site also doesn't help. Also, their dealer finder shows no dealer within 400km of me. They do look good, though.
Call them, they're very open about the new models, when they expect them etc. They told me the new Special Edition would only be about $2k more than the existing Ovations.
I don't think Verity keeps diluting their lines. They all sound different. The Parsifal is their longest running production speaker. If it were a plant that was being bred and modified over time to produce better XYZ, there is no doubt it would be a good one to keep.

I prefer my Parsifal to the newer Leonore. Leonore owners that upgraded from the Parsifal might call me crazy, but they seem richer, fuller, more to my taste. The Leonore stages better and runs easily with tubes but I have different priorities.

I hope Verity continues to create nuances between lines as they see fit and not try to replace lines in some weird reptilian fashion.