Vintage Mitsubishi / MGA Separates question

I am curious to know why there is so little love for Mitsubishi / M G A  on this  audio forum.
 I have :
Pre-amp model # DAP 600 
 TUNER model #  DAF 600
CASSETTE DECK model #  DT 4550
These sound surprisingly good.....Does anyone own these models ?
Opinions  please.

I am one of the few that have a Mitsubishi preamp, amp and tuner in the collection! In Japan these components carried the Diatone label. And considered as desirable high-end gear! Sound quality excellent! Right at this moment I'm using the DA-F10 tuner to listen to NPR  on 89.7 FM WUSF Tampa.

If I had nothing else I could happily live with the Mitsubishi gear! It is musically satisfying! Now if it came with four-figure price tags the audiophile snobs would like it more! 
I wish I had a pair of the Mitsubishi speakers but alas, I already have too many speakers - and not enough space!
Back about 35 years ago, I had what you might call a Mitsubishi integrated amp. It could either be bolted together, or split into two separate pieces. It was a beautiful piece of gear, and it sounded quite nice too. Don't remember the model number.
Roberjerman , thanks for your response ...
I am very happy with the sound as are you...and would like to ask another question:
The brand MGA Mitsubishi mean lower end ?
thanks to all for your responses !
I am not familiar with the MGA brand - but I assume it was Mitsubishi's lower-tier line at lower cost. A need for that because the upper-tier gear was quite pricey for the time (mid-to-late '70s).
@islandmandan : that was the separate preamp and power amp - which I have! The two fitted together but could be used and sold individually. There was also a separate preamp/tuner available, along with the AM/FM tuners. The power amp came in two models - 100wpc and 150wpc (this I have). Excellent gear for the price then - about $450 each in 1977-78! I worked at a high-end store in CT that carried the line, including the speakers.

The store I worked at (Audiocom) didn't carry the lower-tier MGA line, but it could be ordered from the importer.
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Mitsubishi/Diatone in the late '70s never caught on with American audiophiles. Who preferred to buy American products - unlike today! I myself bought a Son of Ampzilla for $430 - a bit less than the Mitsubishi amps.
Japanese gear in the late '70s was considered by American audiophiles to be not as good or desirable as American or British. Mitsubishi had a tough time with the US high-end market. And the MGA brand didn't do much better! Competition was stiff with the well-establishrd Jap companies like Pioneer, Technics, Yamaha, Marantz ...

Yes, as I recall, I had the whole package, including the tuner. I even bought the matching system rack, where it looked pretty cool. I remember showing it one way, then the other, as my mood dictated. Sony cassette deck and Sony TT with that linear motor tracking arm on it, along with a Shure V-15 Type four cartridge, and my first pair of Tannoys, 12" MG's in poorly made DIY cabinets. Thought I was in hog heaven.  
Older thread, but the DA amps came in three sizes- the 7 (70 or 75 WPC), the 10 (100 WPC), and the 15 (150 WPC). I have 2 completely rebuilt 15’s, 2 rebuilt 10’s, and a rebuilt 7. I also have several tuners and preamps and meters. These are good pieces. Today I believe they would sell in the multi thousands. I always liked the look and picked them up when reasonable. I still use one in my office daily. The modular design is also very cool. They had a vertical turntable as well. Would probably buy a cassette from this era if cheap enough just to complete. The speakers occasionally come up on eBay. 
The f20 tuner is often considered as one of the best analog tuners ever built.