Vintage Western Electric cables from Naturaltonecables?

I got a pretty nice offer for an IC and speaker cables, and considering to take the offer. It would be a custom made  24AWG for the IC and multi strand 24AWG for the SC.
My system is the following: VPI Classic tt, Ikeda 9TT cart., Gold Note PH-10 phono, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP int.amp., Cube Audio Mini Nenuphar.

Would you go for it? Have you used cables from the manufacturer?
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The cables looks like a garage project.  Nothing wrong with that. 

IMO, if I'm shelling out cash for cables, they better improve he sound AND look the part also.

I have a PL HP and VPI Classic. I would advise to proceed with caution,  and not get caught up in cable madness. I would make purchases that can be returned if not satisfied.
I have considerable experience with vintage WE wire as well as the newer Duelund wire and I have constructed SCs and ICs from both, as well as PCs using the vintage WE wire. 

Both the vintage WE wire and the Duelund wire utilize tinned copper conductors and a cotton outer covering but there are differences in the sound.  I believe the "vintage tone" mainly results from the conductors made from many strands of 30 awg tinned copper wire.  The NOS WE wire also has a PVC coating inside of the outer cotton cover, which I suspect may affect the sound.  I would not know whether the annealing process would have been similar for both the WE and Duelund wire. 

IME, the vintage WE wire displays a smoothness and rich tone that the Duelund wire doesn't quite match.  Some believe the Duelund wire is more extended in the high frequencies but I find the vintage WE wire to be suitably extended, very smooth, and tonally dense.  TWL has received positive recognition for their American Series Cables that are constructed from the vintage WE wire.  I believe this wire performs best as speaker cable and power cords and is not as strong a performer as an interconnect, but that is just my opinion.  My only experience the WE wire is with the authentic, vintage, KS13385L type wire.
They offered a 60 days pay back guarantee. I don`t care about the look but how it sounds. My budget is around 600 dollars, what limits my options.