Virginia Beach

There's another thread here for this area but it is over two years old with no follow on posts. So here's another go at it. I have no friends that care for my hobby, especially two channel. And then they ask where the Bose surround is at and I have a mini stroke every time.

I'm looking to try to get some serious people involved and if only just for a short time to gather new ideas and share experiences. So post something, give me a shout..whatever. We'll figure something out. And yes I know about the Richmond chapter. I'm not interested in driving an hour and a half to get there. Just keeping it local. Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk residents... where are you?
I am in Norfolk-- system is down at the moment due to rehabing the area--but would be interested in starting up a group--feel free to email me --thanks--Rich
Still no takers? :-/ Come on. Wheres the spirit? Or is this the cheap Bose theatre surround market? I need to move to NC. They have a place called The Analog Store. Guess what they sell? And they survive! lol. For real though.... New idea! How about one full day. Like a mini audio show. Bring a couple pieces of gear and some cables you are fond of and we'll give em all a listen, mix and match, drink tasty Belgian beer (im not promoting alcoholism here) and chat it up about experiences thus far. It would be a beneficial thing for those in the beginning stages and for those with established rigs. I'd have no problem recommending my place but it isn't the ideal listening room and 5 is a crowd. And its an apartment. Don't want to get reported. lol! Maybe I should invite the neighbors that would call the cops. ;-) Hope to hear from more of you.
Man, I feel ya. I have made a few attemts at starting a club with no takers---NONE. There's one guy I occasionally go vinyl hunting with and that's it. I've tried in two other major audio sites and FB. I just don't get it. With all of the people that live in the seven cities, which has to be in the millions now, it is so hard to get something going.


Hang in there and keep trying. I have been in 2 audio clubs and they can be loads of fun. My local group is here in Hampton Roads and I started it about 4 years ago. We have 5 members and that is the max. we can fit in at the present time. Three of us spin vinyl in addition to cd's. Most of us have mature systems -- Martin Logan, Snell, Maggies etc.
what do you enjoy listening to?
Hey there. Thanks for the reply.

I listen to quite a lot of music and I've gotten into Acoustic guitar and new age classical and piano quite a bit about a year ago. I listen to a lot of other stuff you nor I would ever dream of playing on our rigs (only in the car) but other than that I keep it simple and light at home. More enjoyable.

I understand your 5 member rule. Even with one other person in the room with me I can hear a slight offset in the sound and I lose my sweet spot which I hate sharing. :) I was more/less trying to start something up to try to learn more than I could from going to a dealer and staring at their gear when I'd rather bring something home to hear, swap, trade and try.

We'll see what happens. Thanks!
So I would suggest that you continue to try an put your own group together. I have found that you add another person and they can then lead you to another etc. The dealers may also be a source of leads. Good luck and keep listening
Unfortunately since the date this post was first written I've moved into a larger place and now have a room mate so I can't offer my residence as a place for listening events. But it doesn't mean I won't grab some gear and haul it wherever!