Virtual Dynamics Cryogenically Cables vs others?

Does anyone have any experience with cryogenically home wiring cables like the ones from Virtual Dynamics? I have also heard good things about JPS Power AC In-Wall cable. I'm trying to decide if cryogenically treated home wiring is worth the money. I plan on using cryogenically treated outlets.

I have no experience with the VD cables or the JPS in-wall with respect to in-wall use. I have, however, used the JPS with very good results in DIY power cords, and can say that it responds very well to cryo treatment as a power cord. As an inexpensive alternative, you may want to look into "Diamond handiwire" (think that is the right name but have had a few glasses of wine this evening) as a cost effective wiring alternative and have it cryo treated. Do a search at Audioasylum for diamond handiwire (available through Home Depot) and look into the cost of cryo treating it yourself.
I own a VD top of the line power cord. Very good! Don't have experience with JPS, but just to confuse an already cofusing topic, look into the Hovland Main Line power cord. I own one and I think it betters any that I own or have tried over the last few years and it is relatively speaking, inexpensive.
I have the VD armored BX wire in my system, with cryo outlets. I feel it adds alot of life to the music, more air. I would install it again over romex wire.