virtual dynamics new ultra clear interconnects

hi guys
has anyone picked up the new interconnects?my system is 80%outfitted with Genesis cables which i love.the other day i was talking with Rick Schultz and he was telling me how these interconnects would make a huge difference with my system.Rick has always been a person i loved to deal with,i have been with him since the beginning.but before i pull the trigger i was waiting to get some feedback.after all i do love the Genesis gear i have.
I don't always agree with there pricing but they do make great products..I am using the Nite Platinums and like them very much..As long as they are returnable with money back,if you can afford them you have nothing to lose...Someone has to be the first kid on the block,so it may as well be you.......
I have some interconnects and a digital cable on order however have not received then yet.
My only question is this, If spend thousands of dollars for cables (Maybe Over 10,000 dollars) how in the world can I now buy cable that cost lest and get better sound, and from the same dealer ?????!!!!!!!!
If you have read my older posts, you probably know how I feel about expensive
cables. So I am going to restrain myself and not say any more.

Whatever you decide to do, please seriously consider Thorman's advice: make
sure it is returnable; and make sure you do some blind tests against cheaper
these cables are 899.00,in relationship with what our systems cost is that considered expensive?this is Rick`s way for more people to expierience his great products.i would like to know if anyone has tried them yet.
$900 interconnect is expensive to me but I am cheap. Others certainly will have different value system. All I am saying is, IMHO, there is no need to spend that much on cable to achieve the same result. But if you have good experience with that particular brand, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes peace of mind worths far more.
So, has anyone heard these cables in their system yet? I'd like to hear your subjective opinion if you have. Anyone??

I may just have to order some and see for myself!
i also have 2 pairs on order.i own vandy 5A speakers which have crossovers which Rick is changing the connectors and cables with his new ultra clears.i will give you a review when i get them
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Besides the cable,the ends seem like a tweek guys were doing with their power cables.They had put a brass(copper) coupler on the female side of the cable that inputs to component(cdp,
pre ect)There has been alot of positives regarding the 79cent tweek.if it works on PCS,maybe a 1/2"or1/4" brass or copper coupling will do things on the interconnect side of things and save a pile of coin besides.I might have to try that out as that's very inexpensive alternative to try out.
Probably 27c for a 1/4" coupling compared to say 600.00 for cable and some long copper or brass ends.
Perhaps that brass end does something at the component side.27c compared to 800.00,nice savings if she does the same thing,and if not,I'm out 27c.Maybe all our expensive cables need is a little coupling to take them up a notch,instead of recable.All this is a maybe but the price is right if it doesn't work.
I believe there's more to it then a coupler on the ends. It's what's going on inside the coupler that makes the difference. New technology as Rick told me, that's being patented. Makes a better connection, no skin effect therefore passes on more information and sounds better.
I received two pair of interconnects and one digital cable today.
At this point all I can say is right out of the box I hear a wider, deeper sound stage with more bass punch and more harmony. I can hear more detail and as the system plays the interconnects are definitely improving. I'm liking what I hear.
Lak, where did you place the interconnects and what are they substituting for? Please keep us posted on their progress. Thanks.
The interconnects attach Transport (digital cable) to Dac. Dac to preamp and preamp to amp.
So far I'm pleased. The interconnects sound very musical in a rich sounding way. I'm leaving them in one of my three systems for break in purposes and then I can compare and contrast them in three different systems, to the other interconnects I use; Harmonix HS 101 GP, Jade Audio Hybrid Gold, Silversmith Silver and am waiting on Silkworm+ Gold.
Of your current interconnects, the one I'm familiar with is the Silkworm +. I look forward to your comparison of this cable with the new VD Ultraclear interconnect. Also, a reminder that the Silkworm+ needs lots of break-in time(150+ hours)
Got mine yesterday. Replaces my Genesis. Definately more organic,less distortion therefor more detail/transparency. They don't seem to have the body/thickness of sound that the Genesis served up, but I think this will come to some degree with break-in. I have Exodus power cords and speaker wire running with the system.
I have been running the Ultra Clear IC on my system for about a week. I use them between an APL3910 and ARC ref1 pre. It replaced VD Master LE XLR cables. I can say right off that there was significant improvement in all areas that matter. Resolution, bottom bass, pace and layering of instrument and the utter naturalness of vocals. I currently have an ARC Vt130se amp and I would say the effect of the Ultra clear IC on my system was equivalent to an amp upgrade. My speakers are Wilson Sophia II. My system sounded good before, but I can honestly say the enjoyment factor increased by several magnitudes. Music is simply more musical and involving. And all this from a cable???
A minor over sight with the Ultra-Clear interconnects; due to the larger diameter of the connector technology I cannot use them with two of my older FM tuners, or a passive preamp because the RCA female on the back of the passive preamp and tuners are to close together. The over sized connector will not fit next to each other.
I had a similar experience with my vintage H/K tuner. I sent it to a modder who replaced the older RCA inputs with current ones spaced apart to fit the larger barreled interconnects. You can probably DIY this yourself fairly easily and cheaply, especially if the interconnects are worth doing it for. Please keep us posted on the Ultraclear progress in your system.
Almost 48 hours, I can't believe what happened in the last 24 hours. These cables are incredible, they have gone from about 50% to 85% of the body/weight of the Genesis soundstage but in every other category are absolutly outstanding. I never thought my system could sound this good. I wasn't sure yesterday but todays a new day. Don't hesitate guys get these cables!!! I got 2 sets of the $599 RCA 1 meters and a 1 meter digital. If you frequent a soundstage or are a musician you will have to get these cables. I play in a Jazz band and its like I am on the soundstage with Kieth Jarret...
I also had the same experiences with this cable as far as break in is concerned.What amazes me more is how this cable makes the regular cd's sound like a xrcd ! This cable offers huge amounts of information over my Genesis with no hint of compression or fatigue.I must agree with Kozo on the soundstaging abilities of the Ultra-clear, in that you feel all of the musicians that are playing on the venue.VD has a real winner in this cable line and is probably the best value that they have ever offered.Good listening -Dennis
"A minor over sight with the Ultra-Clear interconnects; due to the larger diameter of the connector technology I cannot use them with two of my older FM tuners, or a passive preamp because the RCA female on the back of the passive preamp and tuners are to close together. The over sized connector will not fit next to each other."

Experienced same with a component I wanted to try the cables on and spoke to Rick at VD about it. He said a new connector is coming out that will be a narrower profile and will fit all components but have all same qualities. I would not mess or mod these cables. You would be better to call Rick to see if he can switch them out for you. - Eric
i received 2 prs. yesterday.only 4hrs. on them and all i can say at this point is that these cables are special.i will be back when i put more hrs. on them
Is there a big difference between the $599 version and the $899 version?
Also, did someone say a single digital cable costs as much as a pair of RCA? That can't be right.
I have purchased these cables as well and upon delivery found the rca connectors to be too large to fit my inputs. I attempted to place cardas rca to xlr adapters on them to try them out, but had one of the rca pins break off into the adapter. I don't mean to slight the cables at all. I am sure they are great and can't wait to properly try them. I would just caution everyone regarding the very brittle substance used for these pins. I should note that Rick immediately promised to send me another pair free of charge.
Just an FYI I emailed Rick about a possible balanced version being available and his reply was "No, no time lines just a hope that eventually..."
The difference between them is mainly the Vibration control on the $899 version, which if you can afford it is worth every penny. A digital is half the price of a pair. Got a week+ on mine now and I am getting more and more, I am still hearing huge improvements especially in tight bass, more fullness, more 3D stage and silkier vocals. I have the $599 version with smaller silver adapters and don't feel the urge to upgrade tothe $899 pair, as things have never ever been better. I believe there should be a thread titled Audio Breakthroughs which these cables should headline!!!!
I have four Exodus power cables and a Profit power cable and two sets of Exodus speaker wire. I replaced my Genesis 1.1 ($2400) with the Clear. The Clear ($599) is as good as the Genesis interconnects.

Thanks for the info. On VD's website they do not have the Exodus or profit (Prophet?) cables listed. Where are they in the series with the Master ans Revelation? Above it or below it? What is the cost of the power cords? Most importantly how does the Exodus compare to the Genesis 1.1?

Exodus is above Genesis and Prophet above Exodus. I have an extra Exodus I am using on my TV, wow. Both are in a major league power cables, exponentially better than Genesis.
Customarily, I refrain from posting in the forums; however, Virtual Dynamics’ Ultra Clear is succinctly pellucid and merits copious accolades.

My system is holistically cabled with Virtual Dynamics, Master through Judge, and Ultra Clears’ impact was immediately discernible in the first minute. Following an initial 2½ hr. session, I believe this is Rick Schultz’s finest work – ever!

Admittedly, I have never experienced "challenges," neither pre-bending nor installing any Virtual Dynamics cable, yet installing Ultra Clear is truly effortless.

Break-in augurs memorable listening sessions and I will post a follow-up in two weeks.
Any questions should be directed through private e-mail.
The Judge is the top with the Prophet coming in a close second.Hope this helps Dennis
Alpass, how're those new Ultraclears sounding in your system? Do you know what the status is at Virtual Dynamics? I was thinking about trying a pair of Ultraclear, but I read on another thread that VD wasn't taking any new orders at this time.
hi Sherod
i had the flu,so i really wasn`t into music for a couple weeks.
it took my system around 80 hrs.before they kicked in.there is much more info being sent through these cables.the audio clarity of say the breath of Miles or the picking a guitar is outstanding.
these cables are outstanding.
hi guys
i have 100hrs and i got to tell these cables are making my redbook`s sound like sacd`s.everyday they get better and better.
I'm having difficulty getting onto their web site. Do I have just server issues?
Upon receiving Rick Schultz’s latest Ultra Clear interconnects, my first thought was heresy: Rick has acquiesced to contradicting his founding philosophy of large conductors delivering increased energy and detail. Has he capitulated and gone mad? I effortlessly installed the cables and powered up the system.

Immediately, one experiences a WOW factor of slam and new/enhanced subtleties in the music. Overwhelming at first; however, after one’s initial shock, it reveals exponential increases of air around both instruments and vocals and more energy. Ultra Clear allowed me to lower output 6db absent any compromise.

Inevitably, full break-in required 400 hours in my system before this slender beauty fully matured. Presently, I have over 500 hours and have not experienced any changes from the 400 hour mark.

Whether acoustic, rock, jazz or classical, Ultra Clear gives true meaning to pianissimo and fortissimo. I am able to ascertain directional breath, instrument placement, guitar picks and the passing of a violin bow is enhanced unlike I’ve ever heard. Additionally, Ultra Clear sharpens the deepest bass.

My system is digital, hence I have several “original” recordings that are not properly mastered, and with Ultra Clear, they’re infinitely more pleasant. Well–executed “re-mastered” CD’s and XRCD’s are stratospheric. I am discovering new passages throughout my music library. It should be noted my system remained unchanged for the past six months; therefore, these newfound details are solely attributed to Ultra Clear.

Doubtlessly, those who have experienced Ultra Clear are reading nothing new in my commentary. Yet if anyone is “in-doubt” about the performance of these cables, immediately contact Rick Schultz at Virtual Dynamics to begin your remarkable journey.

All questions should be directed through private e-mail.
Are there companies out there who will burn in cables? Obviously, the is a high risk of a scam factor at work if the vendor is dishonest, but I would think that a business like that could do ok (if located in a low electricity cost state -- not California).
The UC wire is a real good laugh @ the big $$$ wire makers as it has run past all the previous wire I have tried in my system.

Silly $$$ for the best sounding wire and only a few folks will pay any heed to this kind of feedback.

Being a 10 yr. veteran @ this hobby LoL NO wire has come close to the UC.

Music sounds like HRez/SCAD.
I received the ultra clear RCAs last week. They are just incredible. They stomped the heck out of my $2,000.00 reference IC. The high and mid-range sparkle really well. The bass response is much clearer. The best upgrade that I made to my system.
The Ultra Clear interconnects are just incredible. Much clearer in all spectrum. The bass response is extremely well defined. I am so satisfied. :-)
I'm using one between my transport and dac, it is by far the best ever, my system is elevated to another level.