Virtual System Page...broken?

Hi all,

Just trying to figure out if it's just a me problem or something more widespread. I am unable to view any system pages (I just receive errors every time I try to view, saying that they are broken, regardless of browser I use). This happens whether I navigate to the virtual systems section of the website or if I click on someone's system on their profile.

I also tried creating my own page, and it just throws up a 'user can't be blank' error when I try to create it. I am logged in and have a name for the system, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

Anyone else having this issue or is it just me?


@noromance I don't do vinyl but your collection looks great and makes me wish I did.  Awesome setup.  Jerry

Everything seems to be working fine, so unfortunately it seems that something you are or aren't doing is causing an issue.

This is where you should start to create your virtual system.

Then click on this.

Quick update: I submitted a support ticket (I posted this thread before I noticed I could do that - whoops!) and they got back with me this morning to say that there have been a select group of people who have reported the exact same issues. They escalated to their developer team and now it appears to be resolved. I suppose it may have been something on their back end with certain users.


@carlsbad2  Thanks, Jerry. They do take up space for sure but they're like books, old friends.