Vitus RI-101 mkII cables recommendation

I have started this thread on the Wam with little success and thought giving a try on the side of the pond 😊

I have just purchased a stunning Vitus RI-101 mkII. With my home system I am not fully pleased with the sound and perhaps different cables would help.
Power cords: Nordost Frey2 and Heimdall2 
Interconnects: dac Frey2, LP12 TQ 2 black diamond
Speaker cables: TQ 2 black

I have read Tara Labs and Entreq work well but not sure which model would suit best my budget and music presentation style. I would like to emphasise soundstage - width especially - and having a sound the least analytical as possible.

Other components: LP12, Rock Nuc i7, dac Holo Spring 3 KTE, Avalon Idea

Budget for interconnects and power cables max $1000 each, speaker cables $3000 for 13 feet.

Thanks a lot for your advice.


I’m guessing you are dealing with serious buyers remorse over the amount you’ve spent, the last thing you want to do is toss another 4-5k into cables. You already have great cables.

The Vitus is probably awesome, I have’t haven’t heard it personally, but every integrated I’ve auditioned in that price range has been amazing. There is really nothing to nitpick. Live with your system for a while and fight the urge to upgrade. The buyers remorse will subside, unless you put yourself in a tough position financially, but thats a whole different conversation. Enjoy the music, I’ve read nothing but great things about Vitus, I hope to get a chance to check them out one day, it seems like they make some incredible gear. I bet the rest of your system is also killer. 

Thanks! The rest of my system is made of less expensive except for the Linn LP12 turntable which I have gradually upgraded over 10 years.

as a dac I have a relatively affordable holo audio spring 3 kte which I’m happy with, and a Rock nuc i7 as Roon core. Avalon Idea as speakers which I have paid 1/3 of their retail price.

I don’t want to spend more on cables but just replace the Nordost with what could be a better match with the Vitus and the Avalon. Hopefully some owners or people with more knowledge than me will chime in.

I've had to google your system.  Looks like your speakers were introduced in 1994.  are all the drivers and crossover components in good shape?  a great amp will still suffer if the speakers aren't performing.  

Unless you have an inadequate power cable currently, a $3k power cable won't get you where you need to go.


Cables will help but I"m not sure to what extent, so people who have compared the Nordost Frey2 and Heimdall2 power cords and TQ2 Black speaker cables to other types may be able to provide some insight. The problem is whether the change in sound with cables will bring the impact that you seek.

I don’t have experience with Nordost power cords but use Acrolink top range cords and they sound like what you have described. If you are able to borrow some it may be worth a try. It’s a full and robust sound and smooth at the top with a tube-like glow in the treble. They are costly but used may just fall within budget. 8N-PC8100 or Mexcel 7N-PC9900. Personally I would try power cords on the Vitus and source/DAC first. WIth the wrong cords, music can sound lean and thin, 2 dimensional instead of 3 dimensional.

Good luck.


thanks for checking my system. The speakers are in top condition. The Vitus needs more of a fine tuning than a significant sound presentation change.



those acrolink cables must be truly amazing. Unfortunately far of reach even second hand. I thought focusing on power cords first. Need to find cables that’ll work on those aspects but more affordable than the references you’ve mentioned. I need some fairy dust to add a bit of rounder and organic flavour knowing I’m not dealing with tubes.

I suggest you look into Acoustic Revive or Combak’s HIJIRI cables. Both of these brands should mate with Vitus much better than Nordost. And I would start with PC first, then IC and speaker cable unless you can afford to buy them together. 

@lalitk thank you I’ll look into that. Yeah my plan is to work on it from PC and leave speaker cables at the end. I have just tried using a Naim Powerline PC with the Vitus and AQ NRG X3 plus 2 mains stock cables from some components, IC Tellurium Q 2 black diamond and still not impress. Maybe this very amp has some issues or I had too high expectations. The Avalon Idea / Vitus is known to be a good match but who really knows at the end. I enjoy the little McIntosh MA5300 at low volume. Too get some excitement with Vitus I have to turn the volume up too much for my habits.

@ricco275 - You might want to either do a forum aearch on WhatsBestForum for Vitus, or start the thread there with your question; you will find folks with Vitus gear on that website who can give you direct insights



@facten thanks. Anyway I think I’d better sell the Vitus. I think I need a more musical and engaging amp like Pass int. 250 which was my initial plan.


In my opinion, based on my experience, cables are system dependent. In my system I continually hear the largest difference between power cords. I recently had a home audition of Nordost try2, Shunyata Sigma, and Infigo Audio Signature power cords. I compared them to my Clarity Audio Vortex power cords. They all sound very different...the Sigma's are less detailed than all of the others, Infigo power cords push the soundstage back too much, the Vortex are very close to the Nordost, but in my system the tyr2 is slightly more detailed(without being bright) and has a very good soundstage. My wife definitely prefers the Nordost over every power cord that I've tried so far. I do plan on listening to Purist Audio and the Nordost Valhalla before I make a decision. Try to listen to cables in your system and let your own ears decide.

I think you should give the Vitus a minimal one month of good playing before selling it.

@tecknik you mean for having my ears accustomed to its sound? I got it second hand so no need for burn in. Frankly I was expecting to be blown away at the first listening. How come I don’t perceive a significant enough improve vs a basic McIntosh MA5300? Maybe my ears are not that sophisticated. I wonder if cables can actually make a big improvement. Anyway I’ll put a loom of tara labs Forté recommended by a Avalon / Vitus dealer and specialist in the UK. Need to find power cords good but not as expensive as Shunyata Delta. Even if I’ll ditch the Vitus at one point I’m getting neutral cables with higher specs than current ones.