VMPS 30 speakers

I'm interested (will go for a second sessiom) in VMPS 30 speakers. I'd be curious as to any experiences with them as far as break in, placement, amplifier, etc. I've a 20 by 30 by 12 room and have a hybrid int amp (tubed preamp with a ss amp) that very comfortably puts out 100 plus wpc.

Thoughts or comments?
Click on the link below to go to the VMPS owners circle on the AudioCircle website.These folks are voratious about VMPS speakers.

Those speakers are somewhat broken in at the manufacturer. However they will need more break in time, probably 200 hours and they will be at 95%.
Any good amp will work fine.
These have a good soundstage and explosive dynamics. I love the cabinetry though...great looking.