Von Schweikert VR4-Mklll Vs Def Tech 7000SC

Does anyone have an opinion on the two above Loudspeakers? I currenty own the VS and find them a very adequate speaker, however, they lack "Magic". At one point I auditioned the former Flagship Def Tech BP3000, and I was highly impressed. Is there anyone, perhaps, that have owned both?
Thanks/ Bill
The VS is so much better than any DT speaker, it's almost laughable. Back in the mid 90s I replaced DT BP2000s with an original pair of VR4s. No contest. Now I have Gen III HSEs that are far better than the originals. If you aren't hearing "magic" with them, look upstream. Or possibly room/placement issues.

BTW, your system profile lists Montana speakers. Do you still have the EPS, or did the VR4 replace it?

Hi OZ:
From the photo you placed, we have mirror image speakers. Unfortunately mine are not the HSE models, however since adding a Plinius 300 watt Amp, the magic is there in abundance. Thank you for your feedback. I had a small pair of DT years ago and was impressed. The new 7000SC have gotten great reviews, however, I realize those opinions are usually somewhat biased. I appreciate your help, it probably prevented a big mistake!/ Bill
I think very few people here (including me) have heard the BP7000's set-up in a high quality 2 channel system. Because of that I really doubt you'll get any sort of objective answer.