Vote for your favorite amp/speaker combination

This is for a small listening room. Please VOTE for your favorite 6-7K combo and tell me why. It will help me in my decision. Thanks!
1) Zu Audio Essence bookshelf ($3200) with Leben 300xs ($3500) - 2) Sonus Faber Liuto bookshelf ($3000) with Pathos Classic One mk. 3 ($3200) or McIntosh 6300 ($4000) - 3) Spendor sp 3/1R2 with Croft Audio Series 7 amplifier ($1400) and Micro 25 preamp ($1400) - 4) Proac D1 ($2600) with Quicksilver Mid Mono amplifiers($1895) and Line Stage preamp ($1395) - 5) Joseph Audio RM7XL ($2500) with Audio Research VSI-60 ($4000) - 6) Jean Marie Reynaud Bliss Silver ($2800) with Blue Circle DAR ($3000)
I highly doubt enough folks have heard those specific combos to get any meaningful feedback. I could be wrong, have been before.
I have not heard any of the combinations together, but am familiar with many of the options listed.

1)Don't like the top end in the Zu, the Leben is very nice
2)A nice smooth sounding combination
4)A nice lively detailed combo
5)AR amp overpriced for what you get (nothing special)

Personally, I'd go for the Pathos/Proac combo.
Thanks Meiwan, nice answers. :)
@Ebm I am not sure what you are talking about?
@magnumpi205 yes, much more easy if I won the lotto. But If I did win I probably would not be looking at 6-7K amp/speaker combos! I would be getting a half million dollar MBL system :)
Anyways, I don't expect anyone to have listened to most of these combos before. I know I have only listed to one. I have heard about half of these components before though. The other half I have read great reviews of them. These are the top 6 amps and speakers I have narrowed down. I am mostly speculating what would sound best together and only asking you to do the same.
Thanks guys!