VPI HW-19 or VPI Traveler

I am looking at either an HW-19 w/ Rega RB300 tone arm or a new VPI Traveler. Both are 1K and the HW-19 is in new condition. What is the better turntable? 
You haven't given a lot of information about the HW-19, including the platter that's on it.   You say it is in new condition.  The only thing that really matters is the bearing.  It needs to be inspected.  Given the age of the unit, it is likely to need a new ball and thrust plate to be in "new condition."

If it is really in new condition it's the one I would buy.  If its price + restoring the bearing to new condition is less (or maybe even a bit more)  than the new Traveler it would be my choice.

Just one person's opinion.
Well that's a good point. Nothing has been done to the bearing. It has been well taken care of though based on pics and description. 
Bearings wear out.  You have to take the bearing apart, remove the bottom with the thrust plate, wipe everything clean, and have a look.

Not doing that is like buying a good looking used car without lifting the hood.

And there’s no odometer.

But, hey, it’s your money!
Admittedly I am new in the VPI world. Im coming from a Technics SL-1700 MK2. Assuming I'll have to service the HW-19 does it take it out of contention? Im will to service it if needed as long as the cost to do so still makes sense. Any idea what replacing the bearings might cost? I appreciate the help so far
Ask them if they ever lubed the motor and platter bearings.      One nice aspect: if you shop around, there are numerous HW-19 upgrades that can be performed at your leisure ie: SDS, SAMA, Scout platter and inverted bearing, etc).        If you have trouble getting in touch with VPI, these guys are knowledgeable regarding their parts prices and availability:     https://elusivedisc.com/search?search_query=vpi
Make sure it’s really a HW-19. Many HW-19 Jr’s were shipped with labels on the plinth that state HW-19. The Jr. is not nearly as good as a true HW-19. HW-19 has separate arm board and black acrylic/lead platter and much better bearing. Nice table which you can upgrade to MK 4 status and take it very close to TNT sound quality. Good luck.
The 19 Jr. has a full size arm board made from partial board and has Sorbothane pucks as the suspension. 

With the HW-19 MKIII, the sub chassis changes from one inch thick MDF to a non-magnetic, 10 gauge, stainless steel sheet laminated to a 1/2" shiny black acrylic top plate and tonearm board with a spring suspension and a cork covered bottom platter, with lead inserts. The tonearm board is removable for easy arm changes, but is fastened to the steel sheet also.

I have had both and like the JR. with a MKIII platter and the Sorbothane pucks replaced with Herbies Tall Tenderfeet better.

I’ve been using the HW-19 MK3 for 25 years. The only part I replaced is the Hurst motor that is still available ($90) from Hurst.
I doubt you will find a better table for a grand. If that table was still being made it would be in the $3000+ range. BTW, I use mine with a SME 309 arm so I can’t comment on the Rega arm!
Regarding the bearings. It will probably play reasonably well if the owner took care of it by changing the bearing oil, generally every 5 years or so.

The original question related to "new condition." If you want to assure that the table is playing at its very best you can eventually take the bearing apart and look at it. The ball and/or the thrust plate will or will not show signs of wear. They are easily replaced. [Actually if there’s a flat spot on the ball it can be removed, turned, and re-glued in.] At the VPI forum people will tell you how to do it yourself. Or VPI will do it for you. Consult with them as to their charge.

In any event, as others have noted, the potential of the HW-19 is certainly greater than the Traveler.
I went ahead and purchased it. Felt like a good platform to start with. There were enough positives that the decision is easy enough. Coming from the technics sl1700 MK2 I'm sure I won't be disappointed. 
Congrats and enjoy it. Very nice table. Make sure the bearing is well and freshly oiled, and properly so. Don’t use lithium grease as was in vogue at one time. Good old Mobil 1 sounded best to me and I tried just about everything. I found it to be very full bodied sounding and some might say “a little dark”; not me. Keep that in mind if tuning your system. Replacing the springs or Sorbo with upturned tall tiptoes tightened things up quite a bit and got rid of the slight “darkness“. Clean your belt and give it a light dusting of talc. I owned every version of the 19 and can tell you that the 19 with the thicker MK 4 platter is not behind my current TNT 6 very much at all. The SDS is great. Now that I spent your money...... But it sounds great as is.

Good listening.
I agree with frogman about Mobil 1, replacing the springs and upgrading the platter, however don’t use Sorbothane, get (4) of Herbies Tall Firm Tenderfeet. Congrats on the table, you will enjoy it ...

Lithium grease has been used on the inverted bearing,  I don't recall seeing it recommended for the non-inverted bearing.  

Mobil 1 is fine.  I have also used the synthetic variety of Slick 50.

Upon the recommendation of the tech who repaired my TNT bearing I now use a much thicker oil.
You made the right choice. I use a few drops of Castrol HD 40 weight oil to lube the bearing.
Enjoy your new table!
Thanks everyone. I'll touch base about how to oil once I get the table. 

Can anyone suggest a cartridge alignment tool for this table/ tonearm combo?