VPI service problems

Am I the only one having a problem with service from VPI? After buying
a HW-27 Typhoon record cleaning machine from them based on the positive
reviews and recommendations of all the audio mags (not an inexpensive
purchase) and using it carefully and sparingly and enjoying it
immensely, the vacuum motor blew out it's gasket and began leaking like
a sieve. I was disappointed but thought OK stuff happens. Then my real
problems began. To say that their after the sale service is lacking
would be a huge understatement. Emails went unreturned for weeks,
attempts at phoning resulted in many messages left ignored and then
being told that they only respond to email inquiries, which again go
unanswered for weeks! Contacting all of their authorized dealers
doesn't help as no one seems to be able to get or stock the parts and
they tell me that it would take weeks for them to get them as well.
Finally after five months of effort I received my replacement motor
(which cost $240 plus shipping) and now six months later the second
motor has blown it's gasket and is leaking all over the place again and
I am right back to square one. No returned emails for weeks and weeks
and a pricey record cleaning machine ($2200) that is inoperative and
will be down for months and months again. Is their business so good
that they can just ignore their customers? Are the dealers really
unable to help as well? Am I the only one with this problem? Anybody
have any thoughts or ideas on how to help?
And that's how it should be-- for every one.
I've had no problems in my past dealings. But, I still feel for the guy who got the short thrift.

I agree with your sympathies, but I just find it so difficult to fully comprehend what happened. If the writer would have just sent the Typhoon to VPI in Cliffwood, NJ with a letter enclosed (VPI does not really care about RA numbers) addressed to Mike or Harry, I absolutely believe they would have fixed it without charge regardless of warranty lapse.

In my experience with parents (I am a Science, Math, Physics teacher) who come in to see me full of indignation as to their children’s grades, it is invariably an issue of failed communication. Once everyone in the room is on the same page and dialogue is established, parent-teacher relationship improves, students perform better, and all parties are happier.

I am convinced that the individual who initiated this thread and VPI were like ships passing in the night…there was a breakdown in communication…understanding.

Despite all that has been said; setting aside all the accusations and words that have been hurled back and forth; I believe that VPI will fix the Typhoon and return it fully tested within a timely framework.

My over two and a half decade experience with VPI leads me to the inevitable conclusion that, though eccentric at times, VPI stands by their products and customers. Given the opportunity to perform the work in house, VPI Mike will fix the Typhoon and stand by those repairs.

I am naive enough to believe that if I had ever sent that 25 year old HW-17(f) back to Mike for service, he would have cured it of its ills and returned without charge.

What can I say? Teachers are believers.

Sweet post.
Yet why would you assume you have a lifetime warranty? Does my 16.5 cleaner have one as well? I don't think so....Sheila might not think so kindly of you offering everyone lifetime warranties...:)

I did not offer a lifetime warranty as I do not work for VPI. My speculation is based upon prior experiences as clearly indicated in this quote:

"I am naive enough to believe that if I had ever sent that 25 year old HW-17(f) back to Mike for service, he would have cured it of its ills and returned without charge."

In addition, HW himself speaks to this issue in the Vinyl Asylum parallel thread dealing with this topic. I am paraphrasing here, but HW states that VPI often performs repairs on products well outside the warranty period. If you poke about that thread, you will find that information.

I do not know, but I believe whether or not you are any original purchaser may weigh into that decision – i.e. whether to charge for repair work or not.

In any event, I am sure this topic has been fairly well exhausted despite the fact that I remain unclear as to the final resolution. If you read the Vinyl Asylum thread, there are many more comments on this topic including from HW himself.

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Yes, Birdie, when the teacher has nothing relevant left to teach it's time for a walk...