VTL Terrific Support

Some time ago I asked for some schematics for some pretty early VTL gear (the Vintage 25monoblocks and the superdeluxe pre). I just want to say that VTL went the extra mile and dug up the schematics and sent them to me via email. It is good to know for those buying older VTL gear that they still support their older gear to that extent anyway. So, thanks VTL!
I have always had excellent service from VTL. I sent them my VTL Ultimate preamp because the volume control had a problem at the lowest setting. They replaced the volume control and performed numerous updates for no charge. VTL even paid for the shipping.

There are very few companies giving their customers this kind of service.
I'm glad many of you have had great experiences with them. I owned a ST85 tube amp. The amp just happened to be brand new but sitting in a dealers showroom for nearly 8 years. When I called to see if there were any upgrades they told me the min it would cost me is $500 just to send the amp in. Since it was working fine I declined. I couldn't get a schematic from them and they just weren't as friendly as I felt they should have been. I won't mention who I spoke to but I assure you the amp left my home within 30 days afterwards and I don't think I will purchase another of their products again.
Recordho. I was having a tube issue with one of my siegfieds. Luk was in NY. Some 90 miles away. He drove down to my house and checked them out. He was EXTREMELY gratious and happy to please. He could not have been nicer. 30 days later, your loss. I for one definitely will.