Wadia 581i Selection of CD or SACD

I have recently purchased a Wadia 581i player. The player is working fine with CD and SACD but I am not able to toggle between the CD and SACD layers of hybrid discs. The manual supplied along with the player do not mention anything about this. The inline manual at Wadia website says the MODE button on remote is for selecting CD/SACD. In my case the MODE button has no effect at all.

I would like to know other users experience in this regard.


If this is anything like my Sony SACD player, it only offers SACD on an SACD or hybrid disc. So I am able to listen in SACD mode or normal with SACD's, but only normal mode with redbook cd's. Maybe this is the same on your player.
Hi Anyl can you give us an idea of how the player sounds in both formats and how do you compare it with your previous player or other players youve auditioned before purchasing.thanks for answering.pat
Hi Pat,

The player is new so cannot give you the final view. I was using a 861b and Perreaux CD1p. Initial impression is that compared to 861 this player is more fluid in its presentation (traditional wadia solid sound without the exageration of 861) The soundstage is much wider than 861b. More after a few weeks running in.
Hi Anil,
Did you get yours with the new software update? Mine was delayed because they were sorting this out in the past 2-3 weeks.
Hi Phil,
I dont think it is having the new software because it left Wadia 3 weeks back. While booting up it is showing ver1.02, is it the new firmware?
I don't have mine yet so I don't know. You should call John Schaffer. Can't wait to get mine . I heard some great things about it from some really respectable top notch people.

The MODE/toggle function of the W581 is not yet operational. We are providing notification with the owner manual, but are aware that not all units were shipped with the appropriate memo. We expect to have this feature available in the near future.

W581 owners, please be in contact with you local dealer for information on available updates.
As far as I remember using my 581 it selecets between cd and sacd on its own. Glad to hear your´s is working fine. My had severe problems from the first day on (that´s why I´ve sold it lately) - sound and buildquality of the case work is TOP notch nevertheless.
I am still waiting for my 581 from Wadia this is what John
Schaffer emailed me and said.
The software upgrade adds some provisions to make the micro processors less likely to require reset in the event of surges. It also adds a better defined stop condition.

Not sure what a better defined stop condition is??
New 581 Feature.
Engineering has added a new feature.
The 581 player will now have the ability to select either the CD or SACD layer off of a Hybrid SACD disc.

I received this Notice from Wadia yesterday as my New 581 will have this new feature once it arrives.

Also there is a New software version .
Drive 1.36,Display 1.32 instead of 1.02.

Thought 581 owners would like to know.
Hi Btstrg,
Thanks for the information. Have they supplied your player? If so How is the control logic working? Looking forward to your post.