Wall Art For Music Room

Over the years I have done a number of acoustic treatments on the walls in my 2-channel listening room, but I still have a large screen plasma TV hanging on the front wall of the room (between my speakers). I keep the television screen covered with a moving blanket, but I wonder how much absorption this blanket provides.

I would love to hear input from others on this forum:

  1. Does the blanket provide any significant absorption from the sound coming off the rear of my Martin Logan speakers?
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for acoustic wall art that passes the Wife Acceptance Factor test, while still providing good absorption behind larger speakers?

The room is treated with a combination of absorption and diffraction, but this front wall could be improved.

I appreciate your help.


I have blanket on my TV since LONG time ago. It serves the purpose of not watching TV more than absorb any sound from rear wall.

Blankets and tapestries help with high frequency reflections only.If you just want to cover the TV a remote controlled accordion shade installed on the ceiling with your choice of fabric is an option. There are a multitude of colors and styles of felt wall treatments that will fit with any decor.Just Google it.Those won't absorb much either except are good for high frequency reflections.

When I had a similar setup, I covered the tv with a blanket. I never heard a bit of difference.

Some manufacturers like GIK have a line of wall panels that have artwork on them.  WRT the TV I always wondered why some enterprising audiophile didn’t make a simple padded hanging device to fit over the top of the TV with some kind of relatively decent looking sound diffuser attached to it.  There certainly is every other kind of conceivable tweak available.