Want to hire NAS expert

I have been very happy with computer audio, my Aurender N100SSD and Synology NAS  until Comcast rebooted my modem and now everything is all screwed up. I would like to have someone come to the house and get this set up again for me. The dealer who set it up originally has lost his smart people so no help there apparently. I live in the east side of St. Paul MN. Would appreciate some help. Will pay well. Send me a note or some advice. Would be greatly appreciated. 
I would put a note on a local high school or college bulletin board asking for someone with networking experience.   
That's not a bad idea. Also, any big company would have IT staff that could easily fix your problem as well as a well rated computer repair shop. Check out some yelp reviews. Side jobs are appreciated in this economy. :-)

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Good ideas. I found someone and they helped fix the network and made sure my IP addresses would not randomly change with system glitches. Now the only problem is the Aurender conductor app which as doubled up my files and there does not seem to be a way to erase and rescan. I have a note into Aurender for their help. They usually have a quick response. Unlike my dealer who still has not answered my e-mail from a week ago. 

I am sorry to hear your files are doubled up on your Aurender.   The best way to correct is to delete ALL your files from your Aurender and transfer them again.   I am not aware of any Aurender tools that allows you to delete duplicates on your Aurender.

I had cover art problems when I transferred my files and had to delete all my files on the Aurender several times.   Hopefully, you have your master files stored on a hard drive, NAS, etc.  Deleting everything and starting over is the fastest and most accurate method to my knowledge.  

You can easily connect your computer to the Aurender file structure using the Finder Go Connect to Server tab (MAC). The iPad settings menus provide the necessary information (IP address, user name & password). This is very easy to do. This is how you delete files on the Aurender and also add or correct the Folder.JPG images files.  See:


The process is not difficult.  Your connect your MAC (or PC) to the Aurender and using Finder on the MAC, for example, locate your files and delete them all.  This is the easier and fastest approach to my knowledge.  When done, look at the Aurender directory (using Finder) to ensure they have been deleted.  DO NOT delete the Aurender file tabs.   The next step is to transfer again and double check to ensure they do not get duplicated again.  Any questions, please ask.