Warm HDMI cable?

Anyone come across a good HDMI cable on the warm side tonally? On the Cool - Neutral - Warm continuum, my preference is for the latter and in particular I could use a warmer HDMI cable for a run from an Oppo 203 with Oppomod’s HDMI/I2S card to a DirectStream dac. Thanks,
P.S. If you think cabling doesn’t matter or that all HDMI cables sound the same, please pass on.
New Belkin 48Gbps is the best I found. Compared it to Monoprice as well as ridiculously priced AudioQuest and many others. 
Best what? My question is about identifying good audio quality tonally warm HDMI cables, if there are 
I didn’t know Oppo’s I2S/HDMI was compatible with PS Audio. Anyway, I liked the Cardas cable. Similar warmth to their analogue line; musical and non-fatiguing.

I’m a big fan of Audioquest Carbon HDMI Cable that I’m using between an LG HDTV and LG Blu Ray. Phenomenal picture quality and the tonality is fine. Accept no substitutes. Audioquest HDMI cables - silver content connectors AND controlled for directionality!
How could an HDMI cable affect the sound by being "warmer" or more analytical?  It passes digital information... 1s and 0s.  How could it "edit" or change the 1s and 0s to change the tone?  I could see it being more accurate in the sense it doesn't drop any of the digital info, but I don't see how it could change it.
@soundermn That’s not how digital works. It’s been explained here and all over the web. The horse has been beaten to death. Please go do some research to educate yourself and stop posting this nonsense. 

I'm going to assume you have trouble with either reading, reading comprehension, or both, as the op plainly wrote this: "P.S. If you think cabling doesn’t matter or that all HDMI cables sound the same, please pass on."

Kindly pass on please.
I can read, oh Lord of Audiogon. I didn’t say I don’t believe. I said I don’t understand how it could affect sound. Apparently it’s you who can’t read.

So unless you are contributing to my understanding or helping the OP then you too can pass on. I don’t see you contributing any way here other than trying to be the forum police.  
As far as I know, the more silver plated, the better the HDMI cable is to pass I2S data from Oppomod digital board on an OPPO 203 or 205 player connected to DS Sr. 

Wireword, Audioquest and I consider Revelation Audio the best to get everything with less jitter. It is a keeper here!