Warm/Musical/Resolving Preamp Under 2K

Looking for a Preamp like the Rogue 99 Magnum, ARC etc...
I have never owned a Preamp. I currently have the Rogue Magnum Tempest which has the Magnum 66 pre section inside. It is very musical and super resolving. The Rogue M120 Monoblocks should be coming in this week and I was thinking of getting the Rogue Magnum 66 or the 99. I would prefer American made products. Thanks
Why ask? You obviously like Rogue. Rogue equipment posters get great musical enjoyment from their products. It gets excellent reviews and has a great price/performance perspective. Hell, buy Rogue and enjoy. All the best from a total CJ fan. Regards, Steelhead
Buckingham - you might want to check out the Supratek Triode preamp. If you want line stage only, it will cost you 2,100 new from the "factory". With phono, it will cost 2,400. I have compared this preamp to many other VERY high end preamps up to 15,000 and my latest Supratek absolutely kills them. Supratek just released a modification to the old design which is supposed to be better than ever.

Check out their website:
Supratek Website
There are a couple of Magnum 99s listed at around $1850 - given your target budget grab one and run.

If you can stretch a few hundred more, see if you can pickup a used Joule LA-100Mk III or Herron. The Joule has a remote while the Herron doesn't, if that's important. Neither show up very often, for good reason.

Mark, Jud and Keith are all super people who really care about their customers, a nice extra.
i'll echo the above. you obviously like rogue gear, run with it. why go to extremes trying to match another pre to the m120 monos you've acquired. i've been running a mag99/stock88, and can say the results are still stunning. having auditioned the 88 with a 66, the 99 is the way to go. since you have the budget for the m120s, the 66 will leave you wanting the 99. you will not be disappointed. you may just have to pick your jaw up off the floor repeatedly when you first mate it with the m120s. there are better preamps out there, but you have to really up the ante and budget considerably.
for god's sake man, get the 99 magnum
hope this helps
Hey Fujindemon, I appreciate your firsthand experience. I read this month's HiFi+ Review of the 88 and 66 and they just loved the 88 and thought the 66 didn't do it justice! You've just told me the same thing so I guess that's where I'm going to start, with the mag 99.
For the time being I will be borrowing a friends pre so I can wait on the Wadia 301 and decide if I really like the Direct digital volume control that it gives me. If the 301 fills the void nicely, I will just be in need of a good pre for the Tuner, which is one of my main sources. As you can see my situation needs some balancing... please help
I second the motion on the Blue Bircle BC3 - these things can be unreal! Make sure you listen to a BAT 3vki (or 5vki) also.