Was this Technics set up for Radio or Nightclub?

I also posted a picture at the Hoffman forum. I saw this at a local record store. I'm not sure if it works perfectly, however, I think it would be a fun addition to a rec/party room if somebody had the space. 

@lewm , Yes, it switches back and forth between the turntables and controls volume. It is a cheap miniature of what is used in radio stations.
The U of Vermont had a radio station run mostly by the students. I served as a DJ for 2 years. Lots of fun. The highlight of my career was getting to interview Return To Forever. Corea was heavily into Scientology at the time and made no sense as far as I could tell. Al Di Meola did not say a word other than hello, Lenny white was the most grounded of the lot and Stanly Clark was painfully dumb but cheerful and friendly. He was also one of the most talented bass players of the day. Still is. I think he was the first to do that thumb thing where they wack the string making a staccato note. It became the "thing" several years later.
Last time I played Vintage Soul 45s in Tel Aviv on this sound system in 2019 at the place called Romano. Very impressive, especially those huge Fisher speakers. Great venue! Personally I don’t like rotary mixers, especially those huge old like Bozak, this is the actual set up.

Spent a lot of time with these at KTUH.  Can't remember if it was SP15 or SP25's.  They started and stopped on a dime; amazing torque.  Bulletproof.  Student DJ proof?
Those are Technics SP-25’s, which are excellent decks. Put them in plinths and add tonearms, and you’ve got a top notch analog set up. The price is certainly right, even if you keep one and sell the other. I’d definitely go for it. Hell, you could even sell each turntable separately, hopefully get more than you payed, and buy the turntable you really want. Hey, how about trying out and SP-25? lol