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12v linear power supply
Swagman makes excellent linear PSU’s. I bought an 18VAC one, and it’s built well and works well. Hope that’s of help. Good luck!   
Turntables that are still made in Japan?
The new GR, G, and GAE Technics decks are still made in Japan, but the 1500C is made in Malaysia, I believe.  @stereo5 Yes, I believe that’s true. It’s obviously easy to look up too.   
Tube preamp: Cary SLP-03 vs Schiit Freya+
You could also check out Quicksilver’s preamps. They’re tube based and are around $1,500 with excellent build quality. Good luck!  
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
Tavish Classic with Swagman external PSU   
Was this Technics set up for Radio or Nightclub?
Those are Technics SP-25’s, which are excellent decks. Put them in plinths and add tonearms, and you’ve got a top notch analog set up. The price is certainly right, even if you keep one and sell the other. I’d definitely go for it. Hell, you could... 
Tube based phono stage
I’d also take a look at what Tavish has to offer. They make some fantastic phono stages. Good luck with your search.  
What Is The Most Romantic Song That You Have Ever Listen To?
“The Book of Love” - Peter Gabriel version “Gigantic” - The Pixies, sung by Kim Deal  
How loud are you typically listening?
70’s to maybe 85dB at the top end, very rarely over 90 though.  
Phono stage question
I would personally try rolling tubes in the phono section first. I recently bought a Tavish phono pre, and I love it. It’s got lots of loading options and two 12AX7’s (one 5751) and one 12AU7. Another option that I’m curious about that might be wo... 
Looking for a new phono preamp
In the case of phono preamps, I would definitely at least look into the possibility of tube based ones. That’s not to say there aren’t some great solid state options out there. If you’re looking into a tube based unit, Tavish Designs makes some gr... 
Tim deParavicini has passed away
R.I.P. Tim. Truly sad news.  
REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
I’d strongly recommend the Tektons. I auditioned at least 15 pairs of speakers including Revel (sorry, can’t remember the model at this point) and ended up going with Tekton.I’ve owned Tekton Pendragons for aprox a year and a half, and still have ... 
MM Cartridge Talk
A few of my favorite MM carts are the Stanton 681EEE and the Shure V15VxMR for vintage/out of production. A few of my fave current models are the Goldring 1042 and the Nagaoka MP500. Grado makes some really nice sounding carts too, but they’re MI ... 
Used phono preamp options - feedback requested
You may also want to check out Tavish phono preamps. They’re tube based. I own one and really dig it. The co. is run by Scott Reynolds, who has a PhD in EE and his son.  
Teach me about cartridge 'retipping'
I apologize if this is a bit off topic, but how many of you remember Needlestein (Joseph) on AudioKarma. He put up so many amazing posts and threads on AK regarding cartridges, styli, detailed pics of needle shapes/profiles, etc. over a period of ...