Wasting money using Esoteric DV50s as Transport?

I have a fully modded TheaterMaster Classic signature, I love the sound of this DAC and need a front end both Video and CD .This seems like a good solution but does all that goodness everyone talks about get lost at the digital out?I have a DVDO VP50 so video weakness of the DV50s isnot so much of a problem but I don't want to spend extra money if the audio everyone loves is lost. I look forward to your collective wisdom.
my personal opinion is that the transport is critical to retrieving all the available data on a cd. So in this sense I dont think getting a top rated transport is a waste of money. Esoteric makes some of the best transport today.
I have a DV-50s, and it is a great transport, both for DVD's and CD's. The 's' designation gives you the DVI-D output, but it is only in 480p, so good thing you have the DVDO system for video as it does a great job correcting for other units de-interlacing (for get their name for it but it does it!)

As for loss of audio, well, you'll now hear what the DAC you are using sounds like, but for SACD and DVD-A you still will want to use the analog outs of the DV-50s.

Either way it's a great player with a solid transport, add to that that they have pretty much fell to the lowest they seem to be selling at now and they are a steal.
Thanks for the prompt replies. Another question is does all the filtering this unit is renowned for happen before my DAC ?
If you are talking about the RDOT and FIR I believe you would miss them with the digital output but their is a slight possibility I'm wrong.

I am almost certain these are in the DAC portion, so I highly suspect they would do nothing to the digital output. I will try it on mine via the digital and see soon.
I use the DV-50 (not the 50s) as a DVD-A source, with the P-03/D-03 as my CD/SACD primary transport/DAC. The DV-50 is plugged into the D-03 with a digital cable. Regardless of the settings on the DV-50's filter, it doesn't change the input display on the D-03.