Went to see Bond last night-Don't criticize me yet

So, I went to see Bond last night in Atlantic City. First of all, the price was right; my wife works in the Casino Industry and gets discounts on tickets (limit 2).

I wasn't really expecting much. Joshua Payne opened and was on stage for about 30 minutes. Let me stop hear and say the playback system sucked. It had that Bose sound to it; lots of lows and highs, but where’s the mids? The sound was so bad that I was having trouble following Payne’s lyrics.

After a 10 minute intermission, Bond took the stage; they were practically wearing nothing. Haylie, first violin, was wearing a white thong with a thin, gauze like wrap. Eos was in a very short mini shirt and Tania was wearing something that looked like lingerie. Hey, when was the last time your watched a string quartet and pitched a tent?

A lot of people criticize Bond for their style of music; classical with a driving beat. My answer to that is "when was the last time you saw young girls and boys screaming, jumping and clapping to classical music?" These kids were totally into the show. After the show, the line for autographs was about 75% kids. My opinion is that they've found a niche and are turning on a whole new group of people to classical that normally wouldn't listen to it.

Getting back to the show. The girls were on stage for about 90 minutes and they played everything from original pieces to works by Schubert, Mahler, Herman (psycho), and music from Fiddler on the Roof, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, Wagner, and many other composers I can't spell. Haylie will never be criticized for her lack of enthusiasm while playing. She danced around the stage and played with such energy. A few times, her and Eos did a version of battle of the violins; going back and forth while dancing around each other. In addition, they broke out the "wooden instruments" and did a 20 minute acoustical session. People were clapping along as they played some Russian folk dances. Occasionally, people would clap during the pauses in the classical pieces.

Overall, it was a great show, other than the fact that the sound system wasn't up to par. But, we all know that when we go to this type of concert it's more for the show than the sound. In addition, the sound system did seam to suit Bonds musical style better; no lyruics. Even though their CD's do not have a high repeat value for me (I own the first one), I do have a new found respect for their type of music.

So, next week it’s off to see Nora Jones and Robert Cray is on the schedule for the following week.
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The recordings are fair at best, one my friends used to date Haylie so I have all of there discs and I don't play them often. Its classical crossover and you either like it or you don't, I don't really like it. I do like there ability to market it though, brilliant!
After seeing the photos- it`s obviously "merchandising". Sorry, not innerested! Let`s keep music honest!
The part that suprised the hell out of me is when they put away their electric instruments and pulled out the real violins and cello. For about 20 minutes, it was just a string quartet on the stage. The rest of the music I could live without. And yes, they are using sex to help sell their product.
I have to say, my curiosity is piqued. I'll probably grab one of these the next time I see one and slide it into the player. We'll see what happens from there.
I saw them play in NY on Aug 10, and I thought that it was a great show. These girls can flat out play. Don't hate them because they're beautiful!!! It strikes me as funny that here in the USA, where hype, glitz, and sex appeal rule, Bond is not that widely known. Although in many other countries, where actual musical content is more important, they are very popular. Go figure.
Distortion, I AGREE, they're sweet lookers.
Even if their music didn't appeal to me, I'd like to *see-em* !
Getting back to music boys ;-) I think the first Robert Cray album is VERY well recorded (and terrific music) - looking forward to the Cray review prpixel.
Agree with you about the first album. I like the second a lot also. I missed the Cray concert. I was unable to stay awake that night, so my wife went with a friend. She said it was a good show, that's all I got from her. I did see Norah Jones. Most songs she seemed tired. However, for 4 or 5 songs she really kicked it up. She was on stage for about 1 hour 45 minutes. Amos Lee was the opening act. Where did they find this guy? He kept stopping in the middle of songs and talking to family and friends. Said he was giving us an inprompto living room session. It was annoying and rude to me. I'm glad they only gave him 20 minutes stage time.