What about wall plate connections?

So I do about everything to clean up my digital front end.


Tonight I am running 15m Supra cables to my audio space.  (no thanks on advising fibre please).  What about the eheapo plate on the wall?  My nice Supra cat8 cable mates with one side of a female connector, and the other side connects with my EtherRegen or Muon filter Cable.

shouldn't there be a better plate?


Nope, a fancy wall plate is not going to improve the sound. You are already using a high quality Ethernet cable and taken care of the possible noise by inserting a very good passive filter in the signal path. Just make sure the connection is secure at wall plate. 

Hi @lalitk !  I asked  for the Supra  cable custom terminated with a female end on one end. I would just stick it through a round hole in the plate and directly connected to my Muon cable. Can’t be worse right? And takes a couple of cheap contacts out of the line. I am surprised to not see a bevy of products with enhanced connectors for plates like this. Thanks for your response always good to hear from you !


I understand now what you are trying to do. There are couple of ways to keep your Muon Ethernet cable. You can buy a cheap Ethernet coupler (may degrade the sound) or buy a Ethernet Isolator.

Alternatively, you can go direct into Muon filter with Supra. I believe Rich mentioned  to me that the LAN after Muon / ENO filter is more impactful than the one before entering the filter assembly.

MUON / ENO Filter: open RJ 45  terminal.


MION / ENO FILTER  SYSTEM comes with extra gucci Ethernet cable to complete ’ the improvement.


so I Do want at to use this Muon male- male cable.


I am aware of the 200 Network Acoustics Ethernet couplers.  I need two at the switch end.

i really should have gotten female - fealr Supra Wired’s,  but don’t see them factory terminated.   For all I do I should make my own!

 Thanks, Ken

Well, I don't know how cheap they are but if you are going with that you should include a shielded jack. The female connector has a metal jacket instead of plastic to maintain the integrity of the shield.

I decided to just go ahead and use a JCAT coupler.  Easy to pop out the cheap wall plate part and ran the Supra cable through the wall (on both ends).