what amp are you using with wilson benesch speakers

hi all

ive just purchased some wilson benesch p3.0. im interested it what amplifiers people have tried and found good matches for them. ive used an audia flight fl3s and vitus 025. 

dac is a streamer dac. ayon s10 signature.

I have heard them many times with Nagra and IMO it is an excellent combination
WB are neutral (least warmth) speakers. A warm sounding SS or a good tube amp would be my recommendation. The impedance curve is not too demanding for WB speakers (6 Ohm nom. 4 Ohm min) should not be too hard to drive. Of course a lot depends on your room size and preferred listening levels. 

i sit 3.3 metres from speakers room is short but very wide family living space. 5 metres by 11 metres.

i turn 5he vitus up to -15 to -10 not much past that.

the vitus sounds good as you can imagine but it is a little dry and this combo really demands the best recordings compared to the much cheaper audia fl3s. i was thinking the audia flight fls10

i need an intergrated no room for seperates

I have a pair of ACT’s snd I use an audio research GSi75 integrated amplifier to great success 
I use Modwright amps (PH150/Ambrose One/KWA150) with my Vectors.  Modwright makes several integrateds.  Very happy with the sound, and I listen to mostly mediocre recordings.  E.g. Young Fresh Fellows “Toxic Youth” at the moment.
The distributor here in the US runs them with Ypsilon gear.  Probably not appropriate from a budget perspective but informative in terms of sound.

they are not particularly bright but also not warm.  A neutral to slightly forward or slightly laid back sound profile is what I would go for with an amp.  

i have a pair of Vertexes on order and plan on driving them with a Canor AI 2.10 integrated.  ARC is brilliant.  If you want a touch of forwardness, Musical Fidelity SS could be brilliant at a modest price.  If you want a touch of warmth, AVM would be a fine choice.  Rogue would also be a nice option.  
I'm on my 2nd generation of WB...  Had the Act One for probabaly 8 years and more recently the Act One Evolution..  Always driven them with Naim gear... currently the 500 series, but previously lesser pedigree Naim.The two work very well together IMHO, Naim forum has other users' perspectives...
Act One Evolution  / Acoustic Arts Mono II
Vertex / Acoustic Arts Amp 1 Mk2

Clear, revealing, pure...
Running Curves with HH Scott 222D. Love it. 22 watts of tube power is plenty. Have also heard Luxman and Nagra.  Both great. Tubes or SS on the warm side,  but hard to find ones that Wilson Beneschs can’t shine with. 

I run a poor man’s Ypsilon (Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse mono blocks) to great success, but feel it is equally important to drive the amps with an admirable pre, so I have the Aesthetix Calisto Eclipse pre.