What amp to power hungry energy veritas 2.2's ?

I picked up some energy veritas 2.2's and I know these are some hungry speakers. They are currently being pushed by Yamaha RXV 1300. Any ideas about what amp to get? Maybe under 500.00? Should I be leary about used amps? What do I look for?

I'm assuming you mean a stereo amp for a pair of Energys.

You may want to try something geared for optimal two channel performance that delivers more current per channel, as opposed to watts.

You can pick up a used Musical fidelity A3CR like the one I use or several other similar MF amps in the $500 range or slightly more. I suspect an A3CR would bring the most out of your Energys.

You can definitely do better for less going used for amps but for obvious reasons, you must be careful and make sure you know exactly what your getting in terms of condition and age of the unit and its ownership history, if possible.
Thanks for your response.
Any ideas on speaker stands for the energys? These are 40 pound speakers and the original stands are very difficult to find and very expensive. I was thinking of some steel pillar-type, sand filled bottom, but it seems that the speaker just rests on the stand, not screwed in or anchored somehow. Any thoughts? Thanks
I had the Aragon 8008ST and it had no problem driving the Energy. The laminates for my stands and speakers were peeled off after 4 years. You may want to consider the stands. You can make a plate to allow screws to the speakers and to the steel pillar.
Jungson JA 88d

powerful Class A mates well with the energys

these are best bang for buck in your price/power request category

enjoy the art of music