What are the best live acts?

I’m not asking you to list your favorite concerts. I think that there is another thread for that. Rather, we shouldn’t judge pop bands solely on the basis of their recorded music. Some bands are simply better on stage than they are in the recording studio. I’ll cite the following for their consistent ability to put on a great live show.

1. The Cramps
2. The Ramones
3. Toots Hibbert (touring as Toots and the Maytals, even though Toots fired the original Maytals some time ago)
5. The UK Subs (crap music, brilliant live show)
6. AC-DC (when Bon Scott was their front man)
7. The Meat Puppets
8. Tom Waits
9. The Anti-Nowhere League
10. Van Halen (w/ David Lee Roth: I hate their music, but I saw them twice, and had a rocking good time!)
11. Iggy Pop
12. Ted Nugent (This man is the redneck Iggy Pop)
13. Joe Ely
14. The Butthole Surfers
15. The Clash
16. The Mentors
17. Nig Heist
18. Emmy Lou Harris
Jetter, there is a live CD from that show, released on Norton I believe. It actually does a good job of catching the band's live sound, but the production apparently didn't feature any mic's facing the crowd (or whoever mixed it didn't bring the applause up between songs), so it sounds strangely as if they're playing to a virtually empty small club, when in reality the packed crowd of about 300 just went nuts the whole time. (Nice story: The Lyres played on that bill, and mainman (Monoman) Jeff Connolly plays a vintage Vox Continental organ just like was used by ? & The Mysterians back in the day. The group was the all original linup, but they only had some Korg synth or something with them, and were able to borrow the Vox for the show, which made everything right with the world.) They actually managed to tour together for a couple of years there after that Cavestomp show, and I saw them again twice more here in DC, but they seem not to have been active for the past two years now. Rudy Martinez (Question Mark) puts on a hell of a show - he's like the forgotten Latino James Brown; the orange cape and tight pants, with of course his trademark shades and long black hair, but he's quite a bit trimmer at a few years younger, so his moves are still slick.
Having heard hundreds of groups, and not remembering a lot of them for good reasons, the groups that stand out for show or music are:

Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Kiss (70s vintage)
Kansas (unbelievably tight musically)
John Cougar Mellencamp (just flat out fun)
Genesis (70s vintage)
Leonard Skynard
GWAR (in a league of their own)
Any Clapton
Jethro Tull
Who (sad)

Yeah, these are older rock groups. My tastes have mellowed, and I could add a lot of other groups, but the above groups were a lot of fun, and they really could get the crowd going. The groups were not listed in numeric order except for the first group. Pink Floyd is unbelievable in concert, but then again, you will never see a group as shocking as GWAR!
i just saw iggy pop last night at a local hang out here in miami.he was shooting a video with sum 41(they suck a..)and man,oh man he hasn't lost one bit of energy.he didn't perform any songs just the same one for the video, which i don't even know what it is.
Guided by Voices from Dayton, Ohio. Robert Pollard is a songwriter/frontman extraordinaire, a hook-laden songwriting machine who gives all on stage. (Plus he hands
out free beers to the audience while he performs)