What are the items/models that you have owned more than once? And loaning "software".

Perhaps it is an early sign of insanity, but I have owned a few products more than once....and some of these do go back in time some. 

Large Advents, 
Dahlquist DQ-10
Magnepan 1.6
Wireworld Gold Eclipse 3
Classe Tuner-1

There are likely others I am not remembering. 

And yes, after "loaning" some people classic, special pressing albums...they required a re-purchase.  Did you ever have a CD returned with what you thought was peanut butter fingerprints on the surface?   Yes, the audiophile world is an extremely small percentage of the population.  With that said, my best friend I trusted with everything I had audio wise and never regretted it, and I do miss him and his intelligence. 

I have owned 5 pairs of the Harbeth P3ESR. Years ago Two pairs of the Dahlquist DQ10. Three pairs of the Spendor 3/5. After trying many speakers I always go back to the Harbeth!  Over the years I have owned more than 30 pairs of speakers . The large Advent was the one that got started me enjoying this Merry-Go -Round!!
Hi yogiboy, thanks for your post. Nearly all the "audio-piles" I have known got their start with the large Advents. Henry Kloss was a very interesting man.

3 pairs of the Large Advents

7-8 Dynaco Stereo 70's

5-6 Dynaco PAS3 preamps (2 PAS3X)

4 Dynaco PAM/mono preamps

3 Advent 300 receivers (one with the 12V function)

5 Thorens TD160's (various models)

Keep in mind that in the mid/late 70's you could purchase a Stereo 70 for $35, or so, and the PAS's were going for $25.

The Advent speakers were all purchased from Sound Labs in Des Moines where the owner (Harry) gave me discounts and/or dibs on returns.


DeKay, a bit scary, every item you listed I have owned, all only once, but one could say I owned the Large Advents twice since I had two pairs stacked with the top one upside down...to get the tweeters close together which helped the image. A "burned into my mind" memory was the first time I heard the Magneplaner 1D speakers..the three panel models.....think my friend was using a Crown Pre and Power amplification and likely an early direct drive Dual turntable with either a Shure V-15 or and ADC XLM....all with first gen Monster interconnects and speaker wire....and it sounded....ah.. let’s see...FINE, VERY FINE.

(and a P.S. Since the store I worked at was an Advent dealer I had the chance to hear the "double Advents" that Advent people had set up at C.E.S. and the top pair was upside down)....w/the tweeters close together.

The store I worked at was in Iowa City, named The Stereo Shop, which later was sold and re-named Audio Odyssey. 

I've only owned the following on 2 different occasions. Bought, sold, re-bought, re-sold.....

- Monarchy Audio SM-70Pro class A amplifiers - both times, I owned a pair of them
- Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player
Quad 57's from '81 - 2000. Now have two pairs bought over the past few years! A classic design that will never go out of style!
A late-production pair of DCM Time Windows. Had them before in use from '77 - '81 when I bought my first pair of Quad 57's. Now have the TW's hooked-up to the Sumo Andromeda amp (designed by James Bongiorno). 

If The Stereo Shop was located near Hy-Vee (North of the K-Mart Mall?) I purchased a used pair of JBL S99 speakers from them in 1974.

Sold them 6 months later when I left my small apartment and rented an old victorian with friends.

Were you still there when Hancher Auditorium opened in 1972?

Iowa City was fun...

-Gabe and Walkers
-The Airliner
-The Moody Blues (weird blacklight trip bar)
-"Cocktails" (the local old timer’s bar with no name, just the neon sign)

I worked part time @ Yorgos and then later on @ The Bull Market, when they took over the restaurant.

DeKay, The Stereo Shop was on Kirkwood Ave. just east from the "old" Hy-Vee. It was just up the street from a bar that was a very early "biker" bar...where you could go to play pool and perhaps get in a fight. When a new owner took The Stereo Shop over, it was re-named Audio Odyssey.

The Airliner is an icon in Iowa City. Being across from the Old Capitol building, in the heart of the campus is helpful to their business. It used to be a place to sit on a stool in the window and watch the coeds go by...........not that I ever did that.

And yes, I was there for the opening of the original Hancher.  Attended many events at the original Hancher and saw the groups Heart with The Little River Band there.   I saw Steve Martin when he had John Sebastian for his "intro" act.  Sebastian got some ovations to the point where he came back for another song twice.  When Martin finally came out he tip-toed to the mic and said "did you like John Sebastian"...and the crowd cheered wildly...to which Martin replied "last time I'll ever have that son-of-a-bitch".


I remember and wish that I could forget that biker bar (long unbelievable story that really happened).

Owned Merlin TSM MM, then later a set of MMe’s. Lovely speaker, and decent man was Bobby Palkovic. RIP.

Owned two different pairs of Devore Super 8’s. Recently sold the 8’s to get the Nines. Much more enjoyable, and one I will probably keep a long while. More body and weight, and easier to set up.
Owned the Celestion SL6s and SL600 years ago.

Owned the VAC Avatar and Avatar SE. lovely tube integrated. 

Basis Vector 3 tonearm
Basis Vector 4 tonearm

Joule Electra VZN-160 Marquis MK lll
Joule Electra VZN-160 Grand Marquis MKV Musicwood