What detergent to clean Zerodust.

My Zerodust is a bit (but not gross) dirty. Need to clean it (I think) but want to know which dish detergent will not degrade the good qualities of the Zerodust.

Thank you for considering this request.
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Elizabeth is absoluetely correct. All I do is rinse in a bowl with a bit of distilled water. That's it. It comes out squeeky clean. You may have to flex it a bit while in the water to dislodge some of the debris.
Elizabeth, dearest, after reading your "ionic chemical grabbers," this poor ol' musician nearly had a coronary. I was afraid I would have released a chemical virus to end mankind! :>)

Bless you for pointing me in the right direction before I totally annihilated my Zerodust (and who knows how many LPs and my ZYX 1000).

Knowing now that you were a chemical wiz, I am checking with you any time I have anything approaching combustion in my stereo equipment.

Thanks also to you, Jm, I appreciate your time to share.