What do you all think of ADS/Braun speakers?


   I had ADS speakers and loved them for their liquid and somewhat transparent sound, but it's been a long time since I heard them (I sold them to my cello student who needed a good pair of speakers for peanuts - ouch), and would like your opinion on them, before hunting them down again.


Thanks in advance - happy listening to all,




I had a pair of mint condition L420s that I gave to a very good friend of my son's.  I always had a love/hate relationship with them, finding them to be hard sounding in the upper midrange/treble.  He was very happy to have a pair of vintage speakers with beautiful walnut cabinets!

I heard and was amazed by the Brauns for your reasons. But that was in the late 70's and, frankly I couldn't afford them. Interestingly I've never seen any for sale. Note I'm not talking about ADS speakers. I doubt that I would try to find them now, but if a pair came my way I'd certainly listen to see if my memory of them reflected my present expectations.

I enjoyed a pair of 710Ls for many years until I acquired Harbeth M30s, which are better to my ears. If you’ve a mind to, take a look at the Vintage asylum at AA, where I read posts from folks who collect, refurbish, and sell ADS speakers. Good luck!

ADS L810 series 2…. my brother has 2 pair including the original stands and boxes… they still sound darned good!

In their day, they were great.  I had a pair of L610s. I don't think that can compete with modern speakers. 

FWIW I was referring to the Braun L1030 and I would still love to hear a pair today. They were known for their mid range and high's clarity, something I love. 

I bought the L9e monitors, 7" woofer and ADS trademark dome mid & tweet. I think when compared to the competition in the late 80's early 90's they were good speakers for the money. Solid cabinets with nice veneers, steel grills and above average resolution and the l9e was $700 a pair. They were on the bright side of neutral, but overall a nice set of compromises. I have no idea if replacement parts are available and being 25+ years old I wouldn't touch them anymore.

My L1290/2 speakers were very neutral but needed to play louder than I normally wanted to sound good. I also wanted a little bit more high treble. The imaging was very good but the soundstage was not as wide and detailed as I would have preferred. They were excellent overall speakers but not quite what I was seeking. I still keep an eye out for a nice pair of L1090s, though.

I had 3 different pair- loved them back in the day. I think they’d still compete today soundwise. 

ADS bookself was my first love on 1978.


It sounds very musical driven by Fisher Integrated and Garrard turntable.