What do you use to edit music metadata info

What is your favorite way to edit music metadata info?
I use Mp3tag on my Windows PC or Easytag on my Linux PC & laptop. Both work great for me.

Mp3tag is very powerful tagger.  My fave. Well worth any time spent learning it.  Great keyboard shortcuts. Florian takes suggestions.
XRECODE3 for file conversion (Windows).  Eriks used to do it for donations but it is well worth $15 lifetime.  I think you can still use it for free with some nags.  But I can't be sure since I've been licensed for >5 years.
metadactics for Mac.  Just used it to change Philip Glass's Music in 12 parts from 4 discs, each with 3 tracks (labeled 1,2,3), to one entry with 12 tracks.