What does your motor controller sit on?

I recently moved my LingoI from sitting on top of 3-inch teak and large isonodes to Mapleshades recommendations(rubber/cork/rubber footers, 2-inch maple, and large brass cones). Wow, what a difference! I'de like to think my need for a LingoII has diminished(surface mount of pcb is not as necessary, and other lies I tell myself). These isolation(?) devices sit on my semi-resonant rack(Cambre'Timber). What have other people tried?
I use either Star Sound cones or Barry Diament type platforms under all my components including speakers. Makes a huge difference.
The Mapleshade approach really works. Pierre Sprey demonstrated this to me and a friend, step by step, starting out with a cheap CD player on a simple end table. Dave
The PSU for my Michell Orbe sits on a HRS Nimbus spacer/coupler combo with a small HRS dampening plate on top of the unit. Ditto for the power supply of the phono stage. The motor unit and all the TT feet rest on HRS Nimbus spacer/couplers, and the whole lot on a HRS S1 iso platform.The result..wow.