what dvd player with progressive scan?

hello,would like some recommendations on which player to buy,i've been looking at the philips dvd DQ-50 retail $499,
seem's to be getting some very positive reviews.another on my list is the sony 9000es which i could get for a very good price,and the new sony dps ns900v which retail's for $1200.
and offer's progressive scan and sacd multichannel.the player will be used mainly for HT.video quality is of outmost importance.i thank you in advance for any opinion's and recommendation's.HAPPY HOLIDAY'S
I have a Pioneer Elite DV-37 which I think is an excellent unit: fine picture, and terrific audio quality. There is a new one for sale here on A-gon for about $550 (MSRP is $1000). The DV-37 has gotten some excellent reviews, so I suggest you consider it.
I own the 9000es--it is the best picture quality I have seen thus far. Of course, I haven't seen everthing--like the new Sony you mentioned. I did have a Pioneer Elite player and the Sony was clearly much better, but the Elite was a previous generation (not the 37).
See the Secrets of Home Theatre Progressive-scan DVD shootout report. Here's the link:


There are 2 players there that DO NOT have the chroma bug, have an excellent picture and are less than $250. One of them even has the Sage/Faroudja chip in it at that price. Although that particular model ONLY has an OPTICAL digital out....NO coax. That is the Panasonic DVD-RP56.
Happy watching and listening!

I second with "Sdcampbell" when it comes to the Pioneer Elite DV-37. An excellent "all-around" player in my own humble opinion. It delivers a superb picture, with superb sound quality to match. I have owned mine for eight months, and I must say that it was one of the best audio purchases I have made in the last fifteen years (my purchase of my Nakamichi BX-300 Cassette Deck back in 1987 takes top honors, with the 2000 purchase of my Magnum Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner being of honorable mention). I have used it as a DVD Player for the first seven months of ownership, so just like "Sdcampbell", I can attest to its picture quality as well. Right now, I am using it as my main CD Player in my audio system because of its excellent sound quality as well. Sounds WAY (!!!!!!!!) better than my JVC XL-M509 CD Changer (which incidently, is probably my weakest link in my audio system right now). And for an average price of about $700.00, it's not a bad buy either. Don't care to buy a new one??? Then you should be able to find a used one in good condition from around the mid $400's or so. Audiogon has one listed here for $550.00. The Pioneer Elite DV-37 should definitely be one of the players for you to consider on your shortlist.

All Pioneers have the chroma bug. The Sony 9000ES does to. Go with the SAGE/Faroudja chip and you'll get the best image from video sources, because they have the best deinterlacing engine.I would go with the Panasonic as recommended by Soundsgr8tome 12-14-01.
The Theta DaViD II Isn’t bad for progressive scan viewing. It also doubles as a nice CD transport.
I just picked up the Phillips DQ50. It does take your DVD picture to a new level!!! It has to be the "feather weight" champ-- Something like 6 lbs.HATE the remote. No eject on the remote. Most of the "push a button on the remote" features are within this wonderful (?) menu system.Having owned the Pio'Elite 09-- the dq50 is quite a come down for features-- But for picture quality,I don't think "ANYTHING" new @ 500 will beat it.
Go to the "secrets of home theatre" site and read the progressive scan shootout reviews to get information on the "Chroma Bug"
Hey guys I new and have really enjoyed reading the Info on this site. I'm also interested in a new DVD player under $500 with DVD Audio. I read that Toshiba has come out with or is about to, a new player w/ progressive scan & DVD Audio. Model 5700? Anyone had any experience with it? Recommend any others? Thanks