What happen to MQA on Tidal?

After listening to Tidal only on my phone the last few weeks, I went to stream on my home system but soon realized all my MQA tracks were no longer showing up and the MQA parameters were absent in my streaming settings.  I see Tidal is in "administration" (Chapter 11???).   One of the main reasons I subscribed to Tidal was MQA and purchased a DAC that could decode the format.   I think I should have at least been informed by Tidal if it was cancelling MQA.  Any thoughts? 

I know a lot of people hate (hated) MQA, but like any format I have listened to (Vinyl, CD, SACD, FLAC, MQA, etc.) , some things sound great and others on a plain old red book CD sounds better. 


Atmos for music will go nowhere, but even if no one ever buys more than 5.1 speakers for their home it will still succeed based on buyers wanting to have the most modern gear.

MQA was a misbegotten solution to a problem that nobody asked for.  I mean, introducing a computer algorithm that alters the original intent of the artists and recording engineer because the algorithm thinks it sounds better — really???  Good riddance MQA!

Never did buy into it. Like many other formats they come and they go. 

MQA never was welcomed in this house of stereo. I also dropped Stereophile and TAS subscriptions in part because of their sales pitch for it. Don't mess with music signals, lesson learned.