What happened to my Rowland?

Boy I hope I can get a diagnosis that doesn't require my amp to go back to the mfgr.Here's what transpired--I have a Rowland 8t 2-chassis amp.The second chassis is where the battery power supply used to be.It is now the switch mode power supply.When the amp is in the off position,there is always a standby current,charging the Caps,so I was told.

Well,I have had a service proof life,so far,and really don't run the amp alot.I have my table out,for an update,and haven't listened for about two months.I always check the rest of the system to make sure all is OK,in a dedicated roo.No problems,whatsoever.My cd has a diode that blinks,every couple of seconds,and the entire set-up is on two dedicated lines.No big blackouts lately!

My amp is on the same line as my sub,which is off,unless listening.I'm an experienced hobbyist,at this for many years.

When I tried to power up my Rowland,today,the power switch would not power the amp up.The sub amp,on the same line is just fine,as is everything else.I unplugged the amp,and shut down all additional amp switches,pulled the plug,and then re-fired it up.DEAD!!DARN IT!!

I know the amp is drawing current,as I can hear a rush of current,after it gets plugged back into wall,but the on/off switch will NOT allow for power up.The switch seems to be fine,and it is not a bulb,or anything like that.

My dealer is no longer in business,though I would rather deal directlly with Rowland(the repacking will be a pain in the U know what).I tried to call Rowland,and FRUSTRATING AS HELL,there was NOBODY in,on a Friday,during normal 9-5 business hrs.NOT A HAPPY PUPPY,as of this moment.For the security of a product,like this,I gave up tubes.Hmmm!

I think I know what the final outcome will be,DRATS,but any thoughts will be considered!

Sounds like the power supply is bad. A fuse if you're lucky. But what do you mean when you say you heard "a rush of current" when you turned on the power switch? Is there a fan on the unit?
If you know what voltages the power supply sends to the amp, you could check the power supply output to see if it's good. Simple enough if you have a voltmeter.
I would recommend you to take contact with Jeff Rowland Design Group. Send them an email.
I have had a similar problem, and the cause was a faulty "plug in module".
You can see them on each 8t boards. A big black box connected with two screws.
Rowland is always closed on Friday. Try calling Monday, but you will need to be ready to ship it.
1. Check the obvious fixes: Rear rocker switch, loose wires, blown fuses. Tape loops engaged. etc...

2. Try hooking up the amp at a friends house or an alternate system.

3. Tear down the whole system and rewire the system again.
Thanks,for the attempted help,guys.All switches are engaged correctly.When I stated a "rush" of current after re-plugging into wall,I meant that you can hear a subtle thump,from the speaker drivers,which always indicates current present.

My BIG concern is that since it is a two chassis unit,each weighing about ninety lbs,I will possibly have to ship both.NOT CHEAP!!!

If I listened alot,or had a speaker that was a tough load,I'd not be so disappointed,but I didn't listen at all in two months,and am fanatical with overall care of my stuff.So,when I tried to power up,to not have the amp turn on,sort of sucks.Also,to compound the frustration,it was NOT confidence building to not be able to get in touch with the mfgr during normal weekly business hrs.

Hopefully this CAN prove to be less fatiguing if,when I do speak with Rowland,maybe there can be an additional mod(I hear alot about "V-teflon caps")made to the unit,to improve ultimate performance.That I can live with,more easily,as the effort of reboxing two heavy chassis is NOT how I like to spend my time.I will say,that past updates were done with professionalism,so I hope the Rowland of 2006,is still customer oriented!

Any weight lifting hobbyists out there?

Just got off the phone with Jeff Rowland.He really is very easy to discuss a problem with,and gave me a real sense of confidence,that the P/S(that's where he felt the problem was)would be "easily" taken care of.He felt it was a minor problem,and will do the work himself.Maybe even an improvement,in performance can be had,with any new available mods,according to Jeff.Must admit to being a greatly relieved,and fortunately this is the lighter chassis.Whew!

Thanks to all!