What I'm Listening to Right now in DSD,

Any other dsd-ers?

What are you playing right now?



One of my favorites…great music. Intimate, sensual and DSD64 delivers the essence in spades.


Thanks for posting your system and suggesting music that you enjoyed.

I haven’t thought to look for DSD recordings.  I have a few from Octave records, but have never A/B FLAC vs DSD64.  Do you hear a difference between DSD64 vs FLAC  24bit/192kHz when listening from the same source?  I mention this because I’ve noticed that a well recorded piece is the basis of everything that comes after.  I can hear the difference between CD quality and higher bit/frequency renditions, but mainly when it is a great recording in the first place.

Huge difference. I even get a small difference between FLAC & WAV.

But once you go DSD you will never see hifi music the same. System dependant of course.


Good Luck



Oh and there is DSD 128 and above. By my psaudio DS Direct only accepts up to 128.