What integrated should I upgrade to?

Hi folks,

Firstly, my apologies for yet another "what should I" post.  But I'd like to seek the advice of my Audiogon brethren.  

Currently, in my second system used mostly for TV viewing, I have a pair of Wharfedale Reva 3 floorstanding loudspeakers, a Cambridge Audio CXA80 integrated amp / DAC and an Auralic Aries Mini streamer.  Wired with transparent Music Link / Wave cables and Shunyata Hydra Talos conditioner and Voodoo Fire power cable to the CXA80.  

I've been itching to upgrade the integrated amp, as I figure it is what's holding things back from a resolution standpoint.  I moved a better DAC (PS Audio Direct Stream Junior) to the second system and it didn't make a discernible difference given the existing gear.  I then moved the Reva 3's up to my reference system and plugged them in and they sounded wonderful!  I've got a Luxman 590axII integrated in that system with the PS Audio Direct Stream Junior DAC.  The power foundation is nearly the same; using Shunyata Denali there.  

So it leads me to conclude that the CXA80 needs upgrading.  

I have been considering a nice used Luxman 550ax or trying the new PS Audio Strata integrated.  I kinda know what to expect with the Luxman.  The PS Audio would be a greater unknown, but has the nicety of everything in one box: DAC, Preamp, amp and streamer.  The money outlay will be more for the Luxman, but not a huge difference.  It will be used rather than new.  Though, I would need a cheapy DAC just to accept the optical from the TV.  

Thoughts on this?  
The Marantz KI-PM Ruby is interesting.  I would have never thought to consider a Marantz. Does it really compare to Luxman and Esoteric?
Third thumbs up for the Marantz PM KI Ruby integrated. I upgraded from Parasound Halo separated to the Ruby and feel it has better sound resolution and placement. It is beautifully built, with a simple, subtle interface. I considered the Hegel 190 as well, but opted for Ken Ishiwata's full analog approach.
The Luxman  550AX is a very nice choice. If you find one used, I would be all over it.  If that’s the kind of sound you’re after, your list should also include LTA ZOTL Ultralinear and LTA Z40 Integrated. Pass Labs INT-25 would also be a great choice, although a bit neutral and dry when directly compared to the LTA offerings.  

However, I would not consider the PS Audio Strata unless you audition first.  It is not in the same ballpark as the other amps mentioned in this thread.  I have a strong aversion to dry sounding amps, that’s just my personal preference.  

If resolution is your thing, then consider the Kinki Studio EX-M1 integrated. I doubt you'll find anything better without spending multiples of it's asking price.

I still have my Marantz Reference PM15-S2b which Ken Ishiwata worked on using some of the tricks he used in his Ruby series and as fine as it is, the Kinki easily wins out on the resolution front, as well as dynamics and sound staging. It all goes hand in hand when the resolution factor is upped: everything improves.

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